Complete Guide & Tips on Roku TV Channels and Apps Installation
Complete Guide & Tips on Roku TV Channels and Apps Installation

How to Watch, Activate And Stream YES Network on Roku in 2023


YES, Network on Roku, a prominent cable TV channel in the United States, is a fantastic choice for sports enthusiasts. It provides live coverage of Nets games, as well as exclusive shows and highlights. It’s a hub for various sports, including UEFA Champions League games, ACC football, and basketball matches. YES Network can be accessed via Roku for those outside cable reach, bringing all the action to your fingertips. Limited to New York and nearby areas, the Network’s app updates fans with match highlights and upcoming game details. With the YES Network app on Roku, viewers can stream live matches, enjoy iconic game replays, and more. So follow the steps of this guide to learn how to watch and access Yes Network on Roku.

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Is the YES Network App on Roku

YES Network app on Roku’s Channel Store is hassle-free. Users can directly add the YES Network app to their Roku device with a simple installation process. Accessing the app is convenient so all that’s required is signing in using your cable TV provider account information. This easy setup ensures sports lovers can dive straight into their favourite games and shows, making the YES Network experience on Roku.

How Much Does YES Network Cost on Roku

Cable TV subscribers can link their provider with the YES Network channel on Roku, enabling them to enjoy the content without additional charges. Several cable TV providers support YES Network access on Roku, including AT&T U-Verse, COX, DirecTV, FiOS, Optimum, Spectrum, and Xfinity.

Alternatively, for those without cable subscriptions, a direct subscription to YES Network offers the option to stream live matches. The subscription fee is $24.99 per month or $239.99 per year, providing a convenient and affordable way to experience the thrill of sports entertainment. This flexibility allows fans to choose the subscription plan that best suits their preferences and budget.

What’s on YES Network

  • Enjoy live coverage of Yankees, New York Liberty, and Brooklyn Nets matches on YES Network.
  • Access YES Network’s pre and post-game shows, Yankees magazine, and exclusive Originals.
  • The Channel operates 24/7, providing continuous access to its content.
  • Stay updated with real-time scores, schedules, and team statistics of your favourite teams.
  • Use the reminder feature to ensure you never miss any of your favorite games.
  • Yes Network offers a comprehensive and immersive sports viewing experience.

There are two convenient methods to add YES Network to your Roku:

  • Using the Roku Device: You can directly add the YES Network to your Roku device through a straightforward process, ensuring quick access to your favourite sports content.
  • From a Web Browser: Alternatively, you can add YES Network to your Roku using a web browser. This method provides flexibility, allowing you to manage your channel preferences conveniently from your computer or mobile device.

Both methods offer easy solutions to different user preferences and ensure an experience for accessing YES Network on Roku.

Add YES Network on Roku Directly

It’s a straightforward method to Add the Yes network directly to Roku. So Here are some simple steps:

  • First, Move to the Roku Home screen and click Streaming channels.


  • After that, By scrolling down, you will see a screen where you see an option named “Search Channels.”


  • Then, Choose Yes Network from the list of various channels.
  • So, Click on the option Add Channel.
  • Finally, Click on the option “OK” to complete the process of adding the “Yes Channel.

How to Add YES Network from the Roku Website

  • First, Go to the Roku Channel’s official website.
  • After that, Click on the Sign In button at the top right corner of the page.
  • Then,  Enter your Roku account. credentials to access your account.
  • Select  YES Network among the available channels.
  • When you find YES Network in the search results, click on it to view the channel details.


  • Click the Add Channel button to submit your request for adding YES Network to your Roku device. Roku will process the request, and YES Network will be added within 24 hours.


How to Activate YES Network on Roku

To activate the YES Network app, follow these steps:

  • Launch the YES Network app on your device.
  • Click on “Sign In” to generate the activation code.


  • Visit the YES Network activation webpage using a web browser.
  • Log in with your YES Network account credentials.
  • Select your cable TV provider and sign in using those account details.
  • After entering the verification code, click to submit


  • Now, Yes Network will activated as soon as possible

This process ensures seamless access to YES Network content on your device.

How to Watch YES Network on Roku Live Without a Cable

If you prefer watching YES Network without a cable subscription, there are various options available. Access YES Network in its premium form, offering a cable-free solution for sports fans. These services cater to viewers who value flexibility and diverse streaming options, guaranteeing a seamless experience for enjoying YES Network content without traditional cable services.

DirecTV Stream


 DirecTV Stream, a renowned streaming service compatible with Roku, includes YES Network in their Choice subscription plan priced at $89.99 monthly. This plan provides access to YES Network and an array of 65+ channels, such as Cartoon Network, CNN, Discovery, ESPN, FOX, Hallmark Channel, and History Channel.

Notable Features of DirecTV Stream:

  • Extensive Channel Selection: DirecTV Stream’s Choice subscription plan encompasses YES Network and a diverse range of channels, ensuring a comprehensive entertainment experience for viewers.
  • Unlimited Cloud DVR Storage: Subscribers can enjoy the convenience of complete cloud DVR storage, allowing them to record and revisit their favourite shows and sports events.
  • Simultaneous Streaming:  With DirecTV Stream, up to 20 users can stream content simultaneously using a single account. This feature enhances flexibility, allowing multiple users in a household to conveniently enjoy their favorite programs simultaneously.

Screen Mirror YES Network on Roku from Android Devices

  • First, Connect Your Android and Roku devices with the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Now, Download the Roku app 
  • Tap on the cast button from the notification panel.


  • Select Roku from available devices.
  • By signing in, you can connect the Yes Network to the Roku.
  • Select any sporting event within the YES Network app and stream it directly on your Roku TV.

Screen Mirror YES Network on Roku from iOS Devices

First, connect both Your iOS device and  Roku devices with the same Wi-Fi network:

  • Now, Download the Roku app.
  • Tap on the Screen Mirroring button from the Control Centre.


  • Select Roku from available devices.
  • By signing in your premium account, you can connect the Yes Network to the Roku.
  • Choose any sporting event within the YES Network app to stream it directly on your Roku TV.


Q: Can I access YES Network on Roku without a cable subscription?

A: Viewers can directly subscribe to YES Network’s streaming service on Roku, allowing cord-cutters to enjoy exclusive sports content without a traditional cable TV subscription.

Q: What sports content is available on YES Network via Roku?

A: YES Network on Roku offers a diverse range of sports coverage, including live matches of Yankees, New York Liberty, and Brooklyn Nets, pre-game shows, exclusive interviews, and on-demand highlights.

Q: How can I troubleshoot streaming issues with YES Network on Roku?

A: For streaming problems, viewers can check their internet connection, ensure the YES Network app is up-to-date, and verify their login credentials. If issues persist, Roku’s customer support can provide further assistance.

Q: Can I watch YES Network on multiple Roku devices with one account?

A: Yes, subscribers can typically access YES Network on multiple Roku devices within their household by using the same streaming service account. However, specific limitations might depend on subscription plans.

Q: Is YES Network accessible outside the United States on Roku?

A: YES Network’s availability varies by region. To determine international accessibility, viewers should refer to Roku’s official channel store for the most accurate and updated information.


YES Network on Roku provides a comprehensive sports experience, delivering live matches, exclusive shows, and on-demand content to passionate fans. Whether accessed through cable subscriptions or direct streaming, YES Network offers access to favorite teams and exciting games. Roku ensures easy navigation, with troubleshooting options guaranteed. This platform unites fans worldwide in their shared love for the game.

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