How to Stream and Watch FuboTV on Roku with Live Sports & TV Channel

FuboTV on Roku Steps into the world of FuboTV, to watch live sports and halal content is easy. if you subscribed to it then please choose good content to watch because fuboTV is a top-tier online streaming service providing a lot of live TV channels, engaging shows, and blockbuster sports games. With a stellar lineup featuring FOX News, and ESPN, fuboTV ensures a Good entertainment experience. 

The official fuboTV app is conveniently found on the Roku Channel Store, granting easy access to Roku users. In this article, we simplify the way to describe the whole topic, covering installation, activation, sign-up, and troubleshooting steps. Whether you’re a sports lover or seeking diverse entertainment, fuboTV is for you.

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  • Enjoy 110+ live TV channels with a premium subscription.
  • Stream live channels at 720p, with on-demand content going up to 1080p.
  • Watch on up to 3 devices simultaneously, based on your subscription plan.
  • Save your favourite content for offline streaming.
  • Benefit from 250 hours of cloud DVR storage with every subscription.

Subscription Plans

  • Pro: $74.99 per month for 150+ channels.
  • Elite: $84.99 per month for 200+ channels.
  • Ultimate: $94.99 per month for 230+ channels Latino: $74.97 per month for 50+ Spanish channels.

How to Install FuboTV on Roku:

  • Launch the Roku device and please press the Home button from the Roku remote .
  • Then you come to the Roku homepage screen .
  • Navigate to Streaming Channels on the Home screen..


  • Search for channel fuboTV and results occur after your search.


  • Click + Add Channel to download.
  • Select Go to Channel to launch fuboTV on Roku..

Alternate Installation Method from the Roku Website

  • Visit the website of FuboTV by using your device such as a PC or Android.
  • Search for the channel fuboTV for watching the sports.
  • Click on the option + Add Channel to download the FuboTV channel.


  • Now the channel will appear on your Roku device in between or after 24 hours.

How to Sign Up for fuboTV on Roku

  • Launch fuboTV on Roku,
  • Choose the option “Start Free Trial”.


  • Now please sign up using your account details the Roku.
  • Enter your details, please.
  • Create your account, and choose a subscription plan.
  • Confirm by pressing the OK on the Roku remote.
  • Input your Roku PIN and select the option “Start Subscription” to complete the process.


Activation Process

  • Launch fuboTV, and select Login for the Activation Code.


  • Visit [], enter the code and click Submit.


  • Log in to your fuboTV account to complete activation.
  • Access fuboTV on Roku for content streaming.


Screen Mirroring fuboTV on Roku from iOS

  • Enable AirPlay on Roku.
  • Connect iPhone/iPad and Roku to the same WiFi.
  • Install and log in to the fuboTV app on iOS.
  • Tap the AirPlay icon, select Roku, and start streaming.


How to Cancel My Subscription with fuboTV on Roku

  • Go to the Roku home screen.
  • Navigate to the fuboTV tile, and press the Asterisk button.
  • Select “Manage your Subscription.


  • “Choose “Cancel Subscription.” 
  •  Confirm the cancellation.

Troubleshooting Tips if fuboTV is Not Working on Roku

  • Make sure internet connections are strong.
  • Close and again open the app.
  • Reboot the Roku device. Sometimes after rebooting app works properly.
  • Sign out and log in again and again.
  • Update Roku to resolve compatibility issues when the problem isn’t solved.
  • Delete and reinstall the app to clear cache files and memories .
  • Contact customer support if issues aren’t solved.


Q: What content can I expect from FuboTV on Roku, and is it primarily focused on sports?

A: FuboTV on Roku offers a diverse range of content, including live sports and engaging shows. While sports are a highlight, the streaming service also provides a variety of live TV channels and entertainment options.

Q: How many devices can I use simultaneously with a FuboTV subscription, and does it vary based on the subscription plan?

A: Depending on your subscription plan, you can stream FuboTV on up to 3 devices simultaneously. The number of channels and features may vary based on different subscription plans.

Q: What are the available subscription plans for FuboTV on Roku, and do they cater to different preferences?

A: FuboTV offers various subscription plans, such as Pro for $74.99/month, Elite for $84.99/month, Ultimate for $94.99/month, and Latino for $74.97/month, each providing a different number of channels and content preferences.

Q: Is there a dedicated app for FuboTV on Roku, and where can I find it for easy access?

A: Yes, the official FuboTV app is available on the Roku Channel Store, ensuring convenient access for Roku users. Simply navigate to Streaming Channels on the Roku homepage, search for FuboTV

Q: How can I cancel my subscription with FuboTV on Roku, and is it a straightforward process?

A: To cancel your FuboTV subscription on Roku, go to the home screen, navigate to the FuboTV tile, press the Asterisk button, select “Manage your Subscription,” and choose “Cancel Subscription.” Confirm the cancellation to complete the process.

Q: What are the troubleshooting tips if FuboTV is not working on Roku, and how can I resolve common issues?

A: Troubleshooting tips for FuboTV on Roku include ensuring a stable internet connection, closing and reopening the app, rebooting the Roku device, signing out and logging in again, updating Roku, deleting and reinstalling the app to clear cache files, and contacting customer support if issues persist.

Q: Can I watch FuboTV on Roku in offline mode, and how much cloud DVR storage is available with each subscription?

A: Yes, you can save your favourite content for offline streaming with FuboTV. Every subscription comes with 250 hours of cloud DVR storage, providing ample space for recording shows and events.

Q: Is the installation process for FuboTV on Roku simple, and are there alternative methods for adding the channel?

A: Installing FuboTV on Roku is straightforward. From the Roku homepage, navigate to Streaming Channels, search for FuboTV, and click “Add Channel.” An alternate method is to visit the FuboTV website, search for the channel, and add it, with the channel appearing on your Roku device within 24 hours.

Q: What are the major channels included in the FuboTV lineup on Roku, and does it offer a premium subscription with additional benefits?

A: FuboTV provides major channels like FOX News and ESPN in its lineup. Premium subscription plans are starting at $74.99/month, offering additional channels and features, including an extensive list of live TV channels.


Steps into the world of FuboTV, Watching live sports and content is easy if you subscribe to it then please choose good content to watch because fuboTV is a top-tier online streaming service providing a lot of live TV channels, and engaging shows. Whether you’re a sports lover or seeking diverse entertainment, fuboTV is for share this information about How to Add and install FuboTV on Roku with the people you care about.

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