Complete Guide & Tips on Roku TV Channels and Apps Installation
Complete Guide & Tips on Roku TV Channels and Apps Installation

How to Watch And Stream MAVTV on Roku in 2023


MAVTV is one of the best streaming platforms that the content of motorsports events. To amp up the excitement of race events, Lucas Oil introduced the “MAVTV” platform. This service, dubbed Maverick TV, allows you to stream NASCAR, ARCA, and AMA Pro motocross events. Recently, MAVTV launched its “STANDALONE“app, MAVTV Plus, on the Roku Channel. I will guide you briefly on how to stream MAVTV on Roku, Follow the steps below to learn how to watch and stream MAVTV on Roku effortlessly.

Significant programs of MAVTV:

  • ARCA Menards Series
  • Lucas Oil ASCA 
  • World Honda National Mignet Championship
  • World of Outlaws Spirit Cars
  • British Motorcross Championship
  • World rally championship

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The MAVTV Plus premium comes with two different kinds of premium plans:

  • $6.99 Monthly
  • $99 Annually

What’s on MAVTV

MAVTV Offers Some popular racing events, such as:

  • Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series
  • Lucas Oil Pro Motocross championship
  • Chili Bowl Nationals, Etc.

How to Watch MAVTV on Roku

 There are various steps to follow:

  • First, Go to the Streaming channel option from the home screen.


  • After that, Tap the option Search channels.


  • Then, Search for the MAVTV Plus app & the app from the search results.
  • Now, Click on the option Add Channel button.
  • So, after installation, press on the prompt “OK.”
  • Finally, Go to the Channel option to launch MAVTV Plus after entering your account details and enjoy racing.

Alternative Method to Add MAVTV on Roku

So, in this section, we will learn the process of alternative methods to Add MAVTV on Roku linked for more updates.

  • Firstly, Open the official website of the Roku Channel store on a web browser.
  • After that, Click on the Sign in button & enter the details of your account for signing.
  • Next, Search for the channel MAVTV and add MAVTV plus track from the search results.


  • So, Click on the option Add Channel button to add MAVTV


  • Finally, the Installation Process is completed, and you will enjoy racing.

How to Stream MAVTV on Roku Without Cable

So, Now the MATV Channel is unavailable on Roku, So you need to stream the contents of MAVTV on Roku via different streaming services.

YouTube TV


YouTube TV is a subscription-based streaming platform providing access to many channels, including MAVTV. Subscribers can enjoy unlimited DVR space for offline viewing. The service supports NFL Sunday Ticket on Roku devices. To access MAVTV’s premium content, users can subscribe to YouTube TV Premium at $72.99/month, with easy installation on the Roku channel store. 



FuboTV is a leading streaming platform for sports events and on-demand content for various streaming devices. MAVTV channel is accessible through the Sports Add-on, with FuboTV offering a great package of many TV channels, including 4K support. Subscribers can benefit from 1000 hours of DVR support to record preferred content. To unlock MAVTV on FuboTV, users can purchase the Adventure Plus add-on at $4.99/month, in addition to their existing subscription plan, which ranges from $74.99 to $94.99 per month.



Hulu offers an attractive alternative for users to various brilliant services. With many TV channels and channel add-ons, Hulu provides access to the MAVTV channel through its Sports Add-on. Subscribers can enjoy a vast range of TV content and Hulu Originals by opting for a premium subscription. To access MAVTV sporting events, Hulu users can purchase the Sports add-on for an additional $9.99/month alongside their Hulu Live TV plan, priced at $69.99/month. This combination ensures a comprehensive streaming experience for sports lovers.


Q1: Are there alternative methods to add MAVTV on Roku if the remote is not working?

Absolutely. If your Roku remote isn’t working correctly, you can utilize the Roku app on Android or iOS to add the MAVTV Plus app. The article provides a detailed alternative method for easy installation.

Q2: Is there a trial period available to test MAVTV streaming on Roku before committing to a subscription?

While individual streaming platforms may offer trial periods, it’s recommended to check the specific terms on their websites. This allows new users to explore MAVTV’s offerings on Roku before making a subscription commitment.

Q3: Can I record MAVTV shows and events for later viewing on Roku without cable?

Yes, streaming services like YouTube TV and FuboTV offer cloud DVR features, allowing you to record MAVTV shows and events for later viewing on your Roku device. This provides flexibility in enjoying your favourite content at your convenience.

Q4: What kind of motorsports events does MAVTV showcase on Roku?

MAVTV on Roku features a diverse range of motorsports events, including the ARCA Menards Series, Lucas Oil ASCA, World Honda National Mignet Championship, World of Outlaws Spirit Cars, British Motorcross Championship, and the World Rally Championship.

Q5: How can I access MAVTV’s live sporting events on Roku?

To enjoy MAVTV’s live sporting events on Roku, subscribe to popular streaming services like YouTube TV, FuboTV, or Hulu Live TV. These platforms offer MAVTV as part of their channel lineup, providing seamless access to races, events, and other sports-related content.

Q6: Is a trial period available to test MAVTV streaming on Roku?

Some streaming platforms might offer trial periods, allowing new users to explore MAVTV’s offerings on Roku before committing to a subscription. It’s advisable to check individual streaming service websites for any available trial options and their specific terms.

Q7: Can I record MAVTV shows and events for later viewing on Roku?

If you subscribe to streaming services like YouTube TV or FuboTV, you can record MAVTV shows and events using their cloud DVR features. This lets you capture your favourite MAVTV content and watch it conveniently on your Roku device.


MAVTV on Roku is now effortlessly accessible through popular streaming services such as YouTube TV, FuboTV, and Hulu Live TV. These platforms offer exclusive access to MAVTV’s live sports events, granting viewers a smooth and great way to enjoy thrilling races and sports content. The ability to record shows for future viewing adds a layer of flexibility, enabling MAVTV lovers to relish their favourite sports moments at their convenience. This streamlined experience has the overall enjoyment of MAVTV content on Roku devices. By providing the top choices for sports enthusiasts, please share this fantastic information with your loved ones.

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