Complete Guide & Tips on Roku TV Channels and Apps Installation
Complete Guide & Tips on Roku TV Channels and Apps Installation

How to Add and Watch AHC on Roku


AHC on Roku or the American Heroes Channel is one of the popular channels for military personalities and the family army this channel was launched in 1998 under the wing of Discovery so this channel, you will able to see various kinds of shows related to aircraft, aerospace so the good news is that now a day the name of this channel is American heroes channel but before 2005 the name of this channel was military channel so this channel is mainstream only in America but nowadays we have a way to stream this channel for everywhere in the world by using the VPN.

AHC is free to stream and the good news is that it is available in every sort of streaming platform or by using any sort of device such as Android, iOS, MAC, PC, Roku, etc.

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How to Install the AHC Go App on Roku

There are straightforward steps below to Add and Install the AHC Go a[pp in the Roku so follow the steps below to install:

  • First, Please launch the Roku d\vice and press the Home button from the Roku device


  • After that, you will come to see the Homepage of the Roku device and you will see the Option there named” Streaming Channel”
  • Please Click on it and you will come to another screen and you will see another option named “Search Channel “


  • So, Click on it again search for the Channel “AHC Go” and click the OK button


  • Now, This app is starting to download, and after downloading


  • Finally,  You have successfully added the channel AHC Go to the Roku device


How to Activate AHC on Roku

Follow the steps below to Activate the channel AHC on Roku:

  • Firstly, Launch the App AHC on a Roku device
  • After that, Please Sign in By using the Acoountdetail
  • Now, You will get some sort of Activation Code so keep it in your mind
  • Then, Go to the official website of AHC and go to the page for activation of AHC


  • So, you will see the activation code box there
  • Now put the activation code there and click on the option activation 
  • Finally, After some time your app will be activated 

Alternative Method to Watch AHC on Roku

Now we have discussed some of the streaming services if you have already a subscription to some of these streaming services then you will surely get access to AHC by using these also !!



Philo, an affordable streaming service, offers a $25 per month subscription with access to 65 channels, including popular ones like AMC, HGTV, and Discovery. Subscribers enjoy unlimited DVR facilities and a complimentary 7-day free trial. Notably, Philo allows users to watch the American Heroes channel on Roku, provided they have the Pholio streaming service subscription, which is priced at around $25 per month. This feature enhances the overall value for those who have already invested in the Philo streaming service.

Sling TV


Sling TV, a paid streaming service, offers a subscription plan starting at just $20 per month. If you’ve already subscribed, you’ll be pleased to know that the American Heroes Channel is accessible on Roku through Sling TV. Notably, there are two subscription options: Sling Orange and Sling Blue, both priced at $35 per month, providing flexibility for viewers. This makes Sling TV an affordable choice for enjoying the American Heroes Channel and a variety of other content on the popular streaming platform.



DirecTV Stream is a notable streaming service offering various subscription packages. The Choice, Ultimate, and Premier plans, starting at $70 per month, include AMC among their 90+ channels. DirecTV Stream is a paid service, and if you’ve already subscribed at $114.99 per month, you can conveniently watch the American Heroes Channel on Roku. This option caters to viewers who prioritize a comprehensive channel lineup, making DirecTV Stream a viable choice for diverse content and the American Heroes Channel enthusiasts.



Hulu + Live TV, a premium live streaming tier of Hulu, offers a subscription at $65 per month, providing access to over 67 channels, including the American Heroes Channel. With this subscription, users can enjoy thousands of on-demand titles and receive 50 hours of cloud DVR storage. For those who have already invested in Hulu’s standard streaming service, priced at $7.99 per month, the good news is that the American Heroes Channel is also accessible on Roku. Hulu’s diverse offerings make it a versatile choice for viewers seeking a mix of live TV, on-demand content, and access to the American Heroes Channel.



FuboTV is on the American Heroes Channel on Roku with fuboTV at $32.99/month. Choose from Fubo Pro, Fubo Elite, or Fubo Starter, starting at $65/month, for a diverse selection of over a hundred channels. Ideal for varied live TV streaming preferences.


Q: Is the American Heroes Channel (AHC) available worldwide on Roku?

A: Yes, with the use of a VPN, you can stream AHC on Roku from anywhere in the world, extending access beyond its mainstream availability in America.

Q: Can I watch AHC on Roku without any subscription or payment?

A: Absolutely, AHC is free to access on Roku. Simply download the AHC Go app from the Roku channel store without the need for a subscription fee.

Q: What was the original name of AHC before it became the American Heroes Channel?

A: AHC was originally named the Military Channel until it underwent a name change to the American Heroes Channel in 2005.

Q: Are there alternative methods to watch AHC on Roku without directly downloading the AHC Go app?

A: Yes, you can watch AHC on Roku through streaming services like Philo, Sling TV, DirecTV Stream, Hulu + Live TV, and FuboTV, each offering the American Heroes Channel as part of their channel lineup.


In conclusion, we are here to tell you about the various ways to add the American Heroes Channel on Roku directly by downloading the AHC Go app from the Roku channel store or by using the other streaming services that help a lot to get access to the American Heroes Channel on Roku so share this information with the people you care.

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