What Channel is TNT on Roku [A to Z Complete 2024 Guide]

If you are among those who love to stream live shows, TNT on Roku is an ideal choice. TNT which stands for Turner Network Television is an online streaming platform that enables you to stream live and on-demand content. It is owned by Warner Media Studios & Networks. It was launched in October 1988 as an American basic cable television channel. Initially, it aimed to provide classic or traditional films and television series.

However, at present, it has broadened its streaming world with the help of its sister station TBS. Now, you can stream TNT shows such as Good Behavior, The Alienist, etc on demand or straight after they get on-air. Moreover, you can enjoy sports streaming with the NBA and NFL games available on TNT Roku won’t activate. All you need to do is connect with an active cable or satellite TV with a TNT subscription Cost. Otherwise, you can use alternative streaming services such as Hulu Live TV, YouTube, Stream, Sling TV, etc. In this article, I will expose the secret to install TNT on Roku Free trail TV and enjoy streaming a variety of content.

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How To Install TNT on Roku

Fortunately, the TNT app is available on the Roku Channel Store. You can easily install it the same way as the other apps on the Roku Channel Store. The process to download it is mentioned below.

  • Turn on your Roku TV and select the Streaming Channel option from the Roku menu.


  • Next, type Watch TNT in the Search box.


  • Tap on the TNT app from the available list of apps.
  • Then, commence the installation process by clicking on the Add Channel option.


  • Now, hit on the Go To Channel option.
  • Congratulations! You can find your TNT app installed on your Roku TV.

How To Activate TNT on Roku TV

Once you have successfully installed the TNT app on your Roku TV it is very easy to activate it to enjoy streaming TNT content. Following are the steps to do so.

  • Launch the TNT app by tapping on the Go to Channel option.
  • Tap on the Sign-in option. An activation code will appear on your Roku TV’s screen. Note it carefully.
  • Next, visit the account activation website of TNT using the given link (https://www.tnt.drama.com/activate/roku) via your smartphone or PC.


  • Type the code you noted earlier in the required area and click on the Submit option.
  • Enter the valid account details of your TV provider to watch TNT content on your Roku TV.

Screen Casting TNT app Via Smartphone

The screen casting feature is an opportunity for those who don’t have the TNT app officially on their device to stream it on a big screen. It mirrors the content on your TV device from your smartphone or any digital device.

Here are the steps to screencast TNT using a Smartphone or Tab.

  1. Browse to the Google Play Store using your Smartphone or Tab.
  2. Then, look for the ‘Watch TNT’ app and get it installed.
  3. Next, use the account details of your TV provider to Launch the app.
  4. Scroll down the notification bar and click on the Cast icon.
  5. Ensure that both devices (Roku TV and the Smartphone or Tab) are connected to identical internet connections.
  6. Select your Roku device from the displayed list of devices.
  7. Hop back to the Roku app and choose the program you want to stream on your Roku TV.

The selected program will start displaying on the big screen of your Roku TV. Enjoy streaming!

Screen Mirror TNT through iOS Devices

Before starting this process you have to make sure that the Airplay feature is enabled. Follow the given guidelines to ensure that.

  1. Open the Roku Settings.
  2. Click on the Apple Airplay and Home kit options.
  3. Turn on Airplay

You skip the above-mentioned procedure if you have already enabled the specific feature. Now act as per the upcoming instructions to screen mirror TNT on Roku using iOS devices such as iPad or iPhone

  1. Using your iOS device browse the App Store and install and launch the TNT app.
  2. Next, move to the Control Center and tap on the Screen Mirroring icon.
  3. Choose your specific Roku device from the available list of devices.
  4. The iOS device will begin to share its screen on your Roku TV.
  5. Then, open up the TNT app and enter your TV provider account details.
  6. Lastly, choose the content you want to watch on the big screen of your Roku TV.

How To Watch TNT on Roku TV Via Streaming Services

If you are not availing of any cable services, you can use the online streaming services to stream it on your Roku TV. However, you have to pay the minimal subscription prices to enjoy this service. Some of the most popular streaming services are discussed below.

Use DirecTV Stream


The Entertainment package of DirecTV is an ideal choice to stream TNT on Roku Not working content. It will require you to pay $69.99 per month to get it. Interestingly, you can cancel this service at any point. Moreover, you can enjoy a free trial of 5 days. When you dismiss the respective service during the free trial, you are not even charged a single penny. The specifications of this subscription Plan involve 65+ live streaming channels, connecting the service with 20 other devices at a time, and unlimited DVR storage.

Use Sling TV


Sling TV is a budget-friendly streaming service that enables you to stream 30+ live TV channels of TNT on Roku TV. The Orange subscription package of Sling TV is the best choice which costs only $35 per month. Furthermore, you can record your favorite shows and movies using the 50-hour cloud DVR storage feature.

Use Hulu


Although Hulu is an expensive streaming service it provides the same features you can enjoy as a cable user. It is widely known for its gigantic on-demand library. Whereas, the Hulu Live TV service enables you to have fun with numerous channels streamed on cable. It costs $69.99 every month. Some of its amazing features are mentioned below.

  • Complete access to ESPN+ and Disney+
  • Streaming the content on 2 devices at once
  • 6 customizable profile IDs
  • Unlimited cloud DVR storage (This service will be valid for up to 9 months)
  • Full control over the on-demand streaming library of Hulu TV.

Hulu also allows you to access its on-demand streaming library without purchasing its live TV service. It costs only $6.99 per month. Before subscribing to this service you can enjoy a 30-day free trial.

Use YouTube


It is a well-known streaming service that facilitates you with the live content of TNT. It offers a wholesome package of $64.99 per month with the following features.

  • Get access to more than 70 channels including ESPN, TNT, Local Network Channels, and CNN
  • Free trial for 7-days
  • Enjoy streaming on three devices at the same time
  • YouTube on-demand facility
  • Unlimited cloud DVR storage


Q: List some cable providers that support TNT.

  • Comcast
  • Optimum
  • Cox
  • Suddenlink
  • Spectrum 
  • Verizon

Q: Is the TNT app free on Roku?

A: Yes, all you need to have is a cable subscription or a subscription to Live TV

Q: Is the TNT app available on Roku’s native Channel Store?

A: Yes, you can easily find it on the Roku Channel Store. To know the installation process have a detailed look at this article. Also, you can find the process to screencast the TNT app Via digital devices.


In this article, I have mentioned all the possible ways to install and launch the TNT app on Roku devices. If you have a cable subscription you can stream it without paying for any subscription plan. Otherwise, you can use online streaming services like Hulu, Sling, DirecTV, etc. In case you have any doubts about it you can contact us without any hesitation. Thanks for your Time and Attention!

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