12 Roku Secret Menu’s? How to Access It [2024 Guide]

If you are an old Roku user or a newbie who is not aware of the Roku Secret Menu, you are really missing something special. Roku TV is well-known for its streaming experience and the wide range of features offered to the users. The secret menu is also one of the magical features that enables the users to resolve a particular issue within no time. This secret menu cluster is a treasure only revealed to knowledgeable users. This is because it is a hidden feature found on various Roku models, including Hisense, JVC, Magnavox, TCL, Sharp, etc.

Although this feature is not for everyday or routine use, it can be helpful to resolve particular problems directly. However, you should not play with this specific feature unless you are a developer or tech-savvy. On the other hand, normal users can use it to check WiFi information, reset the Roku, upgrade the settings, etc. So, if you are curious to know how you can use this secret menu, read further.

Let’s learn more about it!

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How to Access Secret Menu on Roku Via Remote

Following is the list of secret menus available on the Roku device.

  • Wireless Network Secret Menus
  • Channel info Secret Menus
  • Developer Secret Menu
  • Platform Secret Menu
  • HDMI Secret Screen
  • Customize Roku interface
  • Reboot Secret Menu
  • Theme Secret Menu
  • Disable Ads on Roku
  • Network Menu
  • Antenna Secret Menu
  • Bit Rate Override

You can access the secret menu screen via certain remote keys. They are mentioned below.

  • FF– Fast Forward
  • RW– Rewind
  • PP– Play or Pause

Wireless Network Secret Menus

roku-secret-menu-disable-ads-not-working (2)

Objective: This menu helps the users to gather information about their WiFi network. It includes data like Glitch Rate, Signal Strength, ways to troubleshoot your WiFi connection, manage Ethernet cables, create new networks and enable bandwidth-saving mode.

Secret code: Press the Home key five times → UpDownUpDownUp. Now, the specific menu will open on your Roku screen.

Channel info Secret Menus


Objective: This menu particularly gives information about the channels you have downloaded into your Roku device. You can also find the version of the installed apps and troubleshoot them in case of any problem.

Secret Code: Pick up your remote and click the Home key three times → UpLeftRightLeftRight.

Developer Secret Menu


Objective: This menu is highly beneficial for the developers. You can enable the developer option to install various unofficial apps and private channels and adjust the media settings.

Secret Code: Tap the Home key three times → Up button two times → RightLeftRight→ LeftRight.

Platform Secret Menu

Objective: This menu is mainly used to inspect the temperature of the device, Roku IP address, CPU speed, Voltage, etc.

Secret Code: Click the Home key five times via your Roku remote → FFPPRWPPFF.

HDMI Secret Screen


Objective: This menu is used to investigate the video resolutions that are compatible with Roku TV, such as HDR or 4K. You can also get information about HDMI connections, modes, ports, and versions.

Secret Code: Hit the Home button five times → DownLeftUp button three times.

Customize Roku interface

Objective: This menu enables you to check the syncing status of the gaming remote, change the default screenshot file format, log theme information, scrollable ads and Home screen ad banners.

Secret Code: Tap the Home button five times → Up key → RightDownLeftUp.

Update and Reset the Secret Menu

Objective: It gives access to the additional diagnostic information, software update status and performing a Factory Reset. 

Secret Code: Press the Home key five times → Tap the FF key three times → Click the RW key two times.

Reboot Secret Menu

Objective: This menu helps you to get into the Reboot menu in order to restart your Roku TV.

Secret Code: Tap the Home button on your Roku remote five times →UpRW key twiceFF key twice.

Themes Secret Menu

Objective: This menu is used to find various themes available on your Roku TV. You can modify the log theme and change the ad banner via this menu.

Secret Code: Click on the Home button on your Roku remote five times consecutively → UpRightDownLeftUp.

Disable Ads on Roku 

Objective: This menu is fruitful for turning off the ads on the Home screen and streaming stick, enabling you to enjoy streaming without any interruption.

Secret Code: Press the Home key five times → UpRightDownLeft key twice.

Network Menu

Objective: It allows you to get each and every detail of the network your device is connected with.

Secret Code: Hit the Home button five times → RightLeftRightLeftRight.

Antenna Secret Menu

Objective: It is extremely beneficial for users who have connected antennas with their Roku TV. It provides them with all the necessary details about the antenna, including the signal strength.

Secret Code: Click the Home key five times → FFDownRWDownRW.

Bit Rate Override

Objective: This menu allows Roku users to set a certain bitrate for video streaming.

Secret Code: Press the Home key five times, → RW key thrice, and → FF key twice.

Advantages of Using Roku Secret Menu

  • Easy and quick accessibility to various Roku TV settings using shortcut codes.
  • You can locate your Roku’s IP address in a few seconds.
  • Reboot the device with just a few clicks when it is being sluggish.
  • Gather all the details about your WiFi connection when required.
  • Learn every nitty-gritty detail of the app or channels on your Roku TV.

How To Fix the Roku Secret Menu Not Responding

Roku’s secret menu becomes dysfunctional due to various reasons. However, this matter can be resolved easily. Follow the given instructions to get it done.

  1. Ensure that the batteries or power cells of your remote are not dead. If this is the case, replace the batteries with new ones.
  2. Maybe you performed the secret code incorrectly. Try again to get the desired outcomes.
  3. In some cases, the buttons of your remote get overpressed and keep on functioning. Press all the keys to get them back to their right positions.
  4. Remove cache and junk files by restarting your Roku TV and upgrading your device potential.
  5. Upgrade your Roku TV Firmware and try using the secret menu again.


Q: Can the TCL Roku TV be updated via the Roku Secret Menu?

A: Yes, you can easily update your TCL Roku TV using the Secret Menu, as mentioned in this article.

Q: Is it safe to use the Roku Secret Menu?

A: The safety of this feature depends on your usage. If you enter these codes unnecessarily for experimentation or fun, it can cause serious damage to your device. However, if you use it carefully, it can significantly benefit you.

Q: How can I access the Roku Secret Menu? 

A: In order to get to Roku’s secret menu, you have to follow a combination of keys to be pressed in sequence. There are different sets of combinations for various purposes. You should be very fast and speedy to press the combination keys in succession.


This article is a blend of knowledge and secrets. If you face difficulty in finding any of the particular settings listed above, you can simply use the secret code to end the hassle. This secret menu serves as a shortcut key for the busy bees and newbies. I have used simple and clear vocabulary so that most people can benefit from it. If you want to have more details or have any queries, contact us without any hesitation. Thank you for visiting!

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