Complete Guide & Tips on Roku TV Channels and Apps Installation
Complete Guide & Tips on Roku TV Channels and Apps Installation

How to Use And Set Up Philips Roku TV Remote App [3 Easy Steps]


Controlling your Roku TV with the Philips Roku TV Remote App is incredibly convenient and simple. It serves as a fantastic alternative to your standard remote control. If your original remote becomes damaged, this innovative app offers a seamless replacement option. Engineered for user-friendliness, it turns your smartphone into a versatile remote, enabling efficient operation of all essential functions.

The Philips Roku TV Remote App makes managing your TV effortless, eliminating frustrations with malfunctioning remotes. This app streamlines channel navigation and settings adjustment, accurately mirroring the Roku remote’s features without the frustration of unresponsive buttons. With all controls now in one place, it transforms your TV experience, making tasks like changing channels, adjusting volume, and exploring apps more intuitive than ever.

This article will show you exactly how to set up the Philips Roku TV Remote App. Stay with us to easily update yourself with this straightforward form.

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Features of Philips Roku TV Remote App

Discover the extraordinary features of the Philips Roku TV Remote App, which are discussed below:


  • Enjoy a user-friendly interface with easy-to-use buttons for all essential functions. Effortlessly control your Philips Roku TV with intuitive navigation, enhancing your viewing experience.
  • Seamlessly cast videos, images, and music from your smartphone directly onto your TV screen. Explore a world of entertainment by easily sharing multimedia content, expanding your entertainment choices.
  • Experience the convenience of a powerful screen mirroring feature. Mirror your device’s screen effortlessly, allowing for a more immersive and dynamic display on your TV.
  • Access various applications effortlessly using the dedicated Application section. Open different apps on your TV with just a few taps, simplifying your interaction with smart TV functionalities.
  • Streamline your content search process with the App’s integrated search functionality. Find and cast videos directly from your phone to your TV screen, saving time.

Experience a revolution in TV control with the Philips Roku TV Remote App. Unlock a world of entertainment with seamless navigation, versatile casting options, advanced screen mirroring, effortless app management, and intelligent video search. Step into the future of television control with this innovative application.

How to Set Up Philips Roku TV Remote App: Roku Remote App

There are two easy ways that you can use to set up the Philips Roku TV remote app. 

  • By using the Roku Remote app.
  • By using third-party apps.

Method 1 – Use the Official Roku Remote App

The Roku TV app is officially available for Android and iOS users and has many features. You can easily control Philips Roku TV by connecting it with the Official Roku app. 

Now, I will quickly tell you how to use the official Roku Remote app:

  • Connect a Roku device and an iOS/Android device with the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Secondly, Open the Roku TV App on both devices.
  • After that, select the devices option at the bottom right corner and allow the App to search Roku devices.


  • Then, Select your Roku device.
  • Now, You wait for the establishment of a connection.
  • So, Select the Remote icon after that.


  • Finally, You can control your whole TV by pressing the buttons on the remote.


Method 2 – Use Third-Party Apps

The Roku TV app is officially available for both Android and iOS users, packed with numerous features. One notable feature is the seamless integration with third-party apps from either the Google Play Store or the App Store.

Now, I will quickly tell you how to use a third-party app:

  • Connect a Roku device and an iOS/Android device with the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Secondly, Install the Philips Roku TV Remote App on both devices.
  • After that, Launch it by connecting it to the Roku TV.
  • Finally, You can easily control your the with the remote interface in the App.


Alternative to Philips Roku TV Remote App

The Philips TV Remote App, Philips’ official application, may not utilize all of Roku TV’s features, but it stands as a comprehensive option in its own regard. It is readily available for download on your Android Smartphone via the Google Play Store. Here are some notable features of this application:

  • Navigate through channels and effortlessly manage the volume of your TV, all at your fingertips through this application.
  • Launch a multitude of apps installed on your TV without any hassle. Enjoy quick access to your favourite applications.
  • Swiftly switching between various apps with just a few taps will enhance your overall user experience.
  • Say goodbye to the cumbersome process of entering texts, emails, and passwords on your TV using your remote. The in-app keyboard feature allows you to type effortlessly, making interactions smoother and more convenient.
  • Share your cherished photos and videos effortlessly between your TV and the application. Enjoy the convenience of sharing your media files without hassle, enhancing your overall entertainment experience.
  • Keep in mind, this application not only makes your TV interactions easier but also adds convenience to your entertainment experiences.


Q: What sets the Philips Roku TV Remote App apart from the standard Roku remote, and can it be customized?

A: The Philips Roku TV Remote App offers unique features like an in-app keyboard and private listening, distinguishing it from the standard remote. Users can often customize its layout and buttons to suit their preferences.

Q: Is the Philips Roku TV Remote App compatible with all Philips Roku TV models, and can multiple smartphones be connected?

A: The App is typically compatible with various Philips Roku TV models, but users should check specific compatibility details. Multiple smartphones can usually be connected to the App, allowing versatile control options.

Q: How does the Philips Roku TV Remote App connect to the TV, and are troubleshooting resources available for setup issues?

A: The App connects to the TV via Wi-Fi, ensuring a reliable control experience. Users encountering setup problems can access built-in troubleshooting resources within the app settings or the official website for assistance.

Q: Can voice commands be used through the Philips Roku TV Remote App, and can they be used outside the home network?

A: Voice commands may be available depending on the app version and TV model. Typically, the App functions within the home Wi-Fi network for security reasons, ensuring optimal performance.


Enhance your TV experience with the Philips Roku TV Remote App. Say goodbye to multiple remotes! This user-friendly app functions just like your Roku remote, allowing you to effortlessly change channels, adjust settings, and explore apps. It’s straightforward and intuitive, eliminating TV-related stress. Rediscover the joy of your Philips Roku TV and spread the word to your loved ones.

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