Complete Guide & Tips on Roku TV Channels and Apps Installation
Complete Guide & Tips on Roku TV Channels and Apps Installation

How to Install DailyWire on Roku in 2024 [All Steps Guide]


If you enjoy watching political shows, this article has covered you. For those who want to learn what DailyWire on Roku is. It is a popular and remarkable American conservative news broadcasting channel. It was founded in 2015 by political newscasters Jeremy Boreing and Ben Shapiro. Other famous anchors include Andrew Kalvan, Matt Walsh, and Michael Knowles.

The game does not end here. You can also DailyWire allows you to watch movies, podcasts, and documentaries as well. One of the most popular podcasters is Dr. Jordan B. Peterson. Candace Owens’ show is very much appreciated by the DailyWire viewers. The target audience of DailyWire is very specific.

So, if you are a politics lover and want to stream news on DailyWire via your Roku TV, read this article properly. The Roku TV has the DailyWire app available in the Roku Channel Store. This article will cover all the possible ways to install and launch the DailyWire Channel on your Roku TV. Let’s not take more time!

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Subscription Packages of DailyWire on Roku TV

DailyWire offers three distinctive subscription plans to its viewers. You can subscribe to any of the three plans that suit your budget. Following are details of the DailyWire plans.

  • Insider Plus/ Annual: $13 per month, including All the Series, documentaries, and movies streamed on DailyWire, Ads and sensor-free daily shows, journalism and op-eds, and Unlimited free entertainment programs for kids with Bentley.
  • All Access: $21 per month, including live calls with your ideal host, exclusive 20% discount, and everything included in the Insider Annual Plan.
  • Insider Monthly: $14.99 per month, including extended ad-free daily shows, journalism and op-eds, and all DailyWire entertainment.

You can buy any of the subscription plans mentioned above via the official DailyWire Plus website. Just add the following URL in the search bar ( Create your Account or sign up if you already have a DailyWire account.

How To Install DailyWire Via Roku Channel Store

  • Switch on your Roku TV and Connect it to an internet network with strong signal strength.
  • Go to the home screen of your Roku TV and select the Streaming Channels option.


  • From the drop-down menu, click on Search Channels.


  • Now, tap on the DailyWire+ option. If you cannot find it, use the search tab or voice assistance feature available on Roku TV.
  • Next, scroll to the Add Channel option and select it.


  • Once the installation process is completed, tap on the OK button.
  • Lastly, navigate to the Channel option to Activate it on your Roku TV.

How To Install DailyWire on Roku TV using any Browser

In case you are out of town but your family wants to stream DailyWire on Roku TV. No worries! You have to follow the given steps to make your family happy.

  1. Open a browser of your own choice and browse the Roku Channel Store website on it.
  2. Choose the Sign-in option.
  3. Now, Enter your Roku account Credentials to complete the login process.
  4. Look for the Search Channels panel and navigate to the DailyWire+ option.
  5. Then, tap on the Details option to view the channel’s info page.
  6. Select the +Add Channel option, and the channel will be displayed on your Roku TV within 24 hours.

In case you are eagerly waiting to stream the DailyWire Channel, you can update your Roku TV.

Procedure To Launch DailyWire on Roku

To log in to your DailyWire Free account, other than your account details, you have to activate it on your Roku device as well. You can perform this simple process by following the below information.

  • Open the DailyWire+ app on your Roku TV and tap on the Login button.
  • A password will appear on your TV screen along with a URL for web activation (
  • Click on the website URL and log in to your DailyWire account in any of the browsers of your choice.


  • Then, in the code box, enter the password that is displayed on your Roku TV screen.
  • Now, select the Continue option.


  • Finally, you can stream the DailyWire content on your Roku TV after restarting or refreshing your device.

Method to Screen Mirror DailyWire+ on Roku TV using a Smartphone

The first and foremost step is to enable Screen mirroring on your Roku TV. Once done, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Connect both (Smartphone and Roku TV) with the same internet network. Ensure the signal strength is strong.
  • Then, download the DailyWire+ app on your Smartphone via the Play Store.
  • Next, log in to your DailyWire account on your Smartphone with all the credentials and preferences.
  • Click on the Cast icon once you have selected the video clip you want to display on your Roku TV.


  • To mirror any podcast, movie, or TV show, select your Roku device first.
  • To end up with the mirroring feature, tap on the cast icon in your Smartphone’s notification bar.

AirPlay DailyWire+ on your Roku TV Via iPhone

Before starting this process, enable the AirPlay feature on your Roku TV. Once you have done it, perform the given quick steps.

  • Connect both devices (iPhone and Roku TV) with a stable and same internet connection.
  • From the Apple Store, install the DailyWire+ application on your iPhone.
  • Open the application on your iPhone and log in to your DailyWire+ account.
  • Click on the AirPlay icon after choosing the program you want to stream. The Airplay icon is available in the video player.
  • If you cannot find the AirPlay icon, click on the Control Center option on your iPhone and select the Screen Mirroring option.


  • To pair both devices, find your Roku TV name and select it.
  • To finish Airplay, tap on the AirPlay or Screen Mirroring icon again.

Sign up for DailyWire Plus on Roku

  1. Open a browser that you prefer and process with the official website of DailyWire.
  2. On the top-right corner, you can find the Sign-up option. Tap on it.
  3. It will direct you to the official page of DailyWire, where the subscription plans are mentioned.
  4. Select any of the displayed plans as per your budget and click on the Subscribe button.
  5. Now, fill out all the required details like email ID, password, and name
  6. Then, select the Agree and Create Account option.
  7. Once done with the above step, hit the Complete Purchase option.
  8. Enter your bank details to proceed with the payment process. If you have any coupon codes, add them to get a discount.
  9. Your DailyWire+ account will be activated after the successful payment.
  10. The DailyWire Support will send you a confirmation email to keep the records.

Shows Streamed on DailyWire

This streaming channel is well-known for its podcasts, documentaries, and Series. It keeps you updated about this modern world via its critical insights. Some of its most popular content is listed below.

  1. Podcast: The podcast show of Jordan B Peterson and Ben Shapiro is the audience’s favorite.
  2. Documentaries: The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd, What is Woman?, etc.
  3. Movies: Movies like Shut In and Run Hide Fight are among the most famous ones.
  4. Talk Shows: Matt Walsh, Andrew Kalvan, and Brett Cooper’s shows are the most loved ones.

You can also enjoy short videos and Fireside Chats with Dennis Prager. Also, you can stream Amala Ekpunobi’s shows.


Q: What if the DailyWire app does work properly?

A: Get the latest version of the DailyWire app by upgrading it if it doesn’t work for you. Restart your Roku TV, perform a Hard Reset, or remove junk files or cache accumulated over time. It will help you to resolve the issue.

Q: Can I stream DailyWire via other TV apps?

A: Yes, you can easily watch DailyWire through some specific supported TV apps, including Apple TV, FireStick, Roku, Vizio Smart TV, Klowd TV, and Chromecast.

Q: Name some alternative news channels to DailyWire.

A: Some of the audience’s favorite news is listed below.

  1. CNBC News
  2. Fox News
  3. CBS News

All the listed channels can be streamed on Roku easily.

Q: Is it possible to stream DailyWire on Amazon Fire Stick?

A: Yes, the DailyWire app is also available on the Amazon Fire Stick. You can enjoy streaming it after buying a subscription plan and completing the installation and activation process.


This article includes all the necessary details about the DailyWire Channel. After getting a subscription plan, you can easily install and activate it on your Roku TV. I hope this article answers all your queries and will add more to your knowledge. If you need any guidance, you can Contact us. Thanks for your precious time!

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