Complete Guide & Tips on Roku TV Channels and Apps Installation
Complete Guide & Tips on Roku TV Channels and Apps Installation

How To Watch Jeopardy On Roku TV [3 Working Methods]


The long-running ABC game show Jeopardy is popular with viewers in the United States. As a reminder, the contestants are given answers on this show and must generate related questions. While it’s entertaining, some uninterrupted Roku users may wonder how they can watch Jeopardy on their streaming device.

Fortunately, it’s easy to watch & Play Jeopardy on Roku Free. Whether you want to tune in to the show as it airs or stream episodes from the past few weeks, there are several ways to access Jeopardy through your Roku device. So if you’re a fan of Jeopardy, read on for instructions on how to watch it using this streaming service.

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What is a Jeopardy show?

Jeopardy on Roku offers a wide variety of features for viewers. These include:

  • Access to the Current Season: Fans can watch all of the current season’s episodes on their Roku device.
  • Binge Watching: If you’ve missed an episode, don’t worry! You can stream a selection of previous weeks’ episodes.
  • Bonus Content: Roku users can also access exclusive bonus content that is only available on the streaming service.
  • Quiz show fans rejoice: The beloved game show has been going strong since 1984, with 37 seasons and over 8000 episodes under its belt.
  • Three contestants: Like on the real show, three contestants will compete against each other to correctly answer questions to win money.

How to watch Jeopardy on Roku via the ABC app?

If you want to watch Jeopardy on your TV at no cost, download the ABC app. The app is available in Roku’s Channel Store. If it isn’t available in your region, check again later because availability varies by region. Here are the steps to download and use the ABC app:

  • Go to the Home Screen of your Roku device by pressing the “Home” button on your remote.
  • Scroll down and select “Streaming Channels” from the list of options.


  • Select “Search Channels” from the list of streaming channels on the left side.


  • Type in “ABC” using your remote and press the “OK” button to search for the ABC channel.
  • Once you find it, select “Add Channel” and wait until the channel is added to your Roku device.
  • Once the ABC channel has been added, select it, and you will be taken to the ABC home page. 7. Scroll down and search for “Jeopardy” using the search bar or categories list on the left side of the screen.
  • Select “Jeopardy” from the list of shows that appear, and you will be taken to the show page.
  • Finally, select the “Play” button to stream Jeopardy on your Roku device. Enjoy watching Jeopardy on your Roku device! Happy Streaming!

How can I activate the ABC channel to watch Jeopardy on Roku?

To activate the ABC channel on your Roku device to stream Jeopardy, you need to follow the steps outlined below:

  • When the installation of the ABC App is completed, open the ABC channel to view the on-screen prompts.


  • Here An activation code will appear on your screen. Please visit the ABC website on your PC or mobile device to activate your account. Enter the activation code and press Continue.


  • To start using the ABC app on Roku, sign in with your TV provider’s account information.
  • Now search for Jeopardy in the ABC app and start watching.
  • Now click on the add channel button.


How to watch Jeopardy on Roku via streaming services?

If you’re a cord-cutter and don’t have access to the ABC channel, you can still watch Jeopardy using a subscription service. For instance, if you subscribe to Hulu or Netflix, both services offer access to the show.

To access the show on either platform, open up their app on your Roku device and search for Jeopardy. So whether you’re a fan of the classic quiz show or want to catch up on the current season, all is on your Roku device. With all these different methods, there’s no excuse not to tune in and test your knowledge.



Jeopardy on Hulu has four seasons and 60 episodes. The seasons of Jeopardy available on Hulu are 30, 32, 33, and 34. You need to subscribe to Hulu for $5.99 per month with ads or $11.99 without ads to watch it. New subscribers can avail of a 7-day free trial period. So if you are looking for a more cost-effective way to watch Jeopardy on your Roku device, then this may be your option.



Netflix’s Jeopardy library has three seasons, including seasons 36 and 37. If you already have a Netflix subscription, you can watch all the episodes of Jeopardy available on their platform. If not, you can get one for $8.99 per month (with ads). So now you know how to watch Jeopardy on Roku. Enjoy watching! Watch Jeopardy on Roku with the Official App.

Best alternative ways to watch Jeopardy on Roku

If you don’t have access to the ABC app or subscription services, there are still some alternative ways to stream Jeopardy on your Roku device. Here are some of them:

PlayStation Vue



You can watch Jeopardy on the PlayStation Vue app if you have a PlayStation console. You must sign in with your account, open the app, and search for Jeopardy. The PlayStation Vue subscription starts at $5 per month, and you can watch Jeopardy on multiple devices, including Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, and more.

Sling TV


Another way to watch Jeopardy on your Roku device is through Sling TV. The base package starts at $25 per month, and you get access to over 30+ channels, including ABC. You can also record shows with the Cloud DVR feature or stream live content from any available media.

If you want to watch shows on Sling TV, you need an antenna. If your HD antenna is paired with a Sling TV subscription, you can get local channels without paying anything extra.

YouTube TV

jeopardy-game on-roku-tv

YouTube TV provides access to network channels, live shows, and movies for $54.99/month for the first three months and then $64.99/month after that. You can create up to six accounts and stream on three screens simultaneously, perfect for large families! And, of course, YouTube TV has Jeopardy available on its platform. So that’s all you need to know about streaming Jeopardy on Roku Review. Enjoy!

Now that you know how to watch Jeopardy on your Roku device, there’s no excuse not to tune in and test your knowledge. With so many options available, you can now stream Jeopardy on Roku from the comfort of your living room.


Try one of these methods to watch and play Jeopardy on Roku Game. If you have any questions about how to stream watching Jeopardy, let us know in the comments section below. We hope you have enjoyed this guide and can now watch your favorite game show on the big screen. Enjoy!

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