Complete Guide & Tips on Roku TV Channels and Apps Installation
Complete Guide & Tips on Roku TV Channels and Apps Installation

How to Access and Stream HSN on Roku


HSN, an online retailer and television network primarily focused on shopping, offers a wide range of products. You can easily order items via phone calls or online. Recently, HSN has expanded its services to streaming devices like Roku, providing an even easier way to purchase unique products. If you’re looking for convenience in ordering multiple items, consider using Roku to shop on HSN.

The main thing is that Users can easily activate and access HSN on Roku under the names QVC+ and HSN+. This hassle-free process allows viewers to enjoy home shopping from the comfort of their living rooms, offering a diverse selection of products and tutorial programs. With no subscription required, HSN provides a convenient and exciting shopping experience for Roku users, making it an ideal choice for online shoppers.

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There are a lot of features in it such as:

  • You can easily track upcoming shows by using of guide.
  • You can call the customer service of HSN.
  • You can all live shows and you can also easily shop for your desired product.

How Much is HSN on Roku

It doesn’t require any sort of subscription plan. It’s free of cost.

What’s on HSN

  • It has a wide range of products including [Electronics, Fashion, Beauty, and Home appliances].
  • It has also a return policy.
  • It also gives the discount rate. 
  • HSN gives a great manner of discounts on their products.

How to sign up for HSN on Roku

There are a lot of steps to sign up on Roku but here we are telling you the best and easiest way to sign up for HSN.

  • First, visit the official website of HSN on your device.
  • After that Sign in and create an account.


  • Provide your details such as phone number, Email, etc.
  • Finally, Create your account by providing your detail


  • Select your Payment method, please.
  • Refresh the Page again to just log in to your account.

How to Install HSN on Roku

There are a lot of steps to Install HSN on Roku but here we are telling you the best and easiest way to Install HSN on Roku.

  • First, Launch the device and Press the Home Button on the Roku Remote.
  • After that, Choose the streaming Channel option that appears on the screen.


  • Then, Search for the Channel HSN in the search bar.


  • Finally, Click on the Add Channel to add this app to the Roku library.
  • Now just enjoy the HSN on Roku from the channel store.

How to Add HSN from the Roku Website

  • First, Visit the Roku website on your device.
  • Login to your account on Roku.
  • Enter the name of the channel like HSN.
  • Click on the Add Channel to Add those channels.


How to Activate HSN on Roku

  • Launch the app HSN. 
  • Select sign-in to get the activation code. 
  • Go to the activation page of the HSN website.
  • Enter the code and click to continue.


  • sign in to your account and just enjoy the streaming.

Alternative methods to stream HSN 

There are alternative methods to watch HSN on Roku with the help of traditional multiple types of cable networks, So we will explain to you the various procedures to enjoy the streaming of HSN on Roku

Youtube TV


YouTube TV on Roku provides 100+ channels, including NBA streams like ABC and TNT. Offering unlimited DVR, multiple networks, and add-ons, it allows 3 simultaneous streams for $72.99/month, with a 5-day free trial.



DirecTV on Roku offers live TV, 65,000 on-demand titles, unlimited DVR, and in-home streams. Tailored plans like Entertainment, Choice, Ultimate, and Premier include HSN, with the base option at $64.99/month, offering regional sports and local channels based on the package and region.

How to Fix HSN Not Working on Roku

  •  Ensure a stable internet connection on your Roku device.
  •  Close and open it again the QVC & HSN app to resolve minor problems.
  •  Clear cache files in the app settings to improve performance.
  •  Restart your Roku device to fix lagging and loading problems.
  •  Sign out of your account and log in again; activate the app if necessary.
  •  Update Roku software to ensure compatibility with the app.
  •  Delete the app, and reinstall it to remove cached files, improving functionality.
  •  If issues persist, contact customer support for immediate assistance.


Q: Is HSN available on Roku for free?

A: Yes, HSN is available on Roku without any subscription fees. Users only pay for the products they purchase online.

Q: Can I watch HSN on Roku without cable?

A: Roku users can stream HSN without a cable TV connection by installing the QVC+ and HSN+ apps and activating them on their devices.

Q: Does HSN on Roku offer tutorial programs for products?

A: Yes, HSN provides tutorial programs, allowing users to learn about products before making a purchase, enhancing their shopping experience.

Q: Are there discounts available on HSN products through Roku?

A: Yes, HSN offers exciting discounts on its products, making home shopping on Roku even more budget-friendly for users.

Q: Can I access HSN on multiple devices with one account?

A: Yes, users can sign in to their HSN account on multiple devices, allowing them to access their shopping preferences seamlessly.

Q: Is there a trial period for HSN on Roku?

A: No, HSN on Roku does not offer a specific trial period. However, the channel itself is free, and users can explore it without any initial cost.

Q: Are there regional channels available on HSN via Roku?

A: Yes, HSN on Roku includes regional channels, offering localized content to cater to the preferences of different regions.

Q: What kind of products can I find on HSN?

A: HSN offers a diverse range of products, including electronics, fashion, beauty items, home goods, and more, providing something for every shopper.

Q: Can I return products purchased through HSN on Roku?

A: Yes, HSN has a free exchange and returns policy, allowing users to return products if they are dissatisfied or change their minds about a purchase.

Q: Is customer support available for HSN-related issues on Roku?

A: HSN users can contact customer support for any problems related to the app, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience on Roku.


Accessing HSN on Roku, available as QVC+ and HSN+ offers seamless home shopping experiences. With diverse products, no subscription fees, and convenient activation, it provides very much facilities to modern shoppers. Moreover, troubleshooting techniques ensure uninterrupted app usage. Whether through Roku or streaming services like YouTube TV and DirecTV Stream, HSN provides a user-friendly platform for online retail, enhancing the shopping experience for customers in the digital age. Happy Streaming!

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