Complete Guide & Tips on Roku TV Channels and Apps Installation
Complete Guide & Tips on Roku TV Channels and Apps Installation

How to Fix Roku Remote Drains Batteries [7 Easy Fixes]


Roku stands out as one of the premier streaming devices available today, offering unparalleled versatility and performance. It gives you access to channels like NHL, Disney Plus, Sky Sports, etc. So, We tell you exactly in this article how to control apps and devices. We have designed the Roku remote drains batteries that come with a lot of specifications.

In this article, we address a common issue faced by Roku users: rapid battery drain in remote controls. We provide solutions to tackle this problem and ensure uninterrupted usage. Despite the enhanced streaming experience offered by Roku, addressing battery depletion is crucial to prevent remotes from dying within days.

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Roku Remote Drains Batteries: 7 Fixes

Numerous fixes exist to address the issues that may arise.

So follow the steps below: 

  • resolve issues
  • don’t use the feature of voice control
  • don’t use headphones
  • check your batteries
  • using the mobile app
  • checking of buttons that are stuck
  • keep your remote in some stationary position
  • by replacing the remote

How Long should batteries last in the Roku Remote?


The Roku Remote batteries last as long as two months. If you notice your battery malfunctioning after a week, follow the steps outlined below to troubleshoot the issue.

How Do the Roku Remote drains batteries

The following steps will help resolve this type of issue.

  • Using very poor-quality of batteries
  • Using the remote for some other work
  • Making use of the voice feature very long
  • Creating the USB port power 
  • The key to the Roku remote will be locked

Troubleshooting Tips

Consider these solutions if you find your remote constantly running out of power. By following these steps, you can see your battery life and ensure uninterrupted streaming experiences with your Roku device.

Using a Poor Quality Remote


The use of low-quality Roku remotes can contribute to battery issues. Specific customers receive damaged or faulty remotes. To resolve this, consider switching to a new Roku remote or utilizing the Roku app if TV usage is limited. Using insurance for a high-quality remote can prevent rapid battery drain problems.

Powering up the Roku Remote with the help of a Wall outlet


Switching to a wall outlet for powering your Roku device can solve remote battery drain issues. Using the USB port limits charging time, potentially causing rapid battery depletion. By opting for a wall outlet, the Roku device receives ample electricity for a full charge, ensuring prolonged battery life for your remote.

Factory Reset the Roku Remote

  • To perform a Factory Reset on your Roku Remote, locate the RESET button near the battery compartment.
  • Press and hold the RESET button for a few seconds.
  • The pairing light will blink, confirming the reset and pairing process.
  • Be cautious, as this action erases all personalized settings on the remote.
  • This simple solution effectively addresses remote issues, providing a fresh start for your device.

Use of voice feature


To conserve your Roku remote’s battery, restrict the use of the voice feature. While helpful for connecting earphones, it consumes significant power. Limiting its use and turning off the audio guide in Settings’ Accessibility section can significantly enhance battery life. By minimizing these high-power functions, you ensure prolonged remote usage without frequent battery replacements.

Use the Roku Mobile App

  • Utilize the Roku mobile app as an alternative to the physical remote to bypass battery concerns.
  • To use the app, go to the Google Play Store on your Android Smartphone and search for “Roku mobile app.”
  • Install the “Roku – Official Remote Control” app and sign in with your account after accepting the terms and conditions.
  • Ensure your Roku device and Android Smartphone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Access the app’s “Devices” section and select your Roku device from the list.
  • Navigate to the “Remote” icon within the app to control your Roku device seamlessly.
  • If issues persist despite attempting various fixes, contacting customer support can provide specialized technical guidance for resolution. 

Roku Remote on Stationary Position

  • Maintain your Roku remote in a stable position to prevent unintended movements.
  • Even minor vibrations can trigger telemetry communication between the remote and the device.
  • Store the remote on a flat surface like a table or closed drawer.
  • Minimizing motion can avoid unnecessary signals and effectively conserve battery life.
  • This simple step ensures your remote remains in standby mode, reducing energy wastage.

Check the Button Are Stuck

Ensure none of your Roku remote buttons are stuck, as stuck buttons continuously send signals to the Roku device, rapidly draining the battery. After use, inspect the remote for any stuck buttons. Regular checks can preserve battery life, ensuring uninterrupted Roku usage.

Contact the Roku Support Team

If troubleshooting methods fail, consider contacting Roku Support for a potential replacement of your remote. Exploring this option ensures a resolution to the persistent battery drainage issue. For further assistance or inquiries, feel free to comment below, and stay tuned to our blog for regular updates. Roku Support offers a viable solution for uninterrupted streaming experiences.


Q: Why Does My Roku Remote Drain Batteries Quickly?

A: Rapid battery drain can result from stuck buttons, frequent voice feature use, or connected headphones. Regular checks prevent unexpected power loss.

Q: Is Disabling Voice Control an Option?

A: Unfortunately, the built-in voice control can’t be disabled. Opt for a voice-free Roku remote or a universal one to conserve battery life effectively.

Q: How Often Should I Monitor My Remote’s Batteries?

A: Regularly monitor battery levels, especially if you notice unusual drainage. Swift replacement of low batteries ensures uninterrupted Roku usage.

Q: Can Vibration Affect the Remote Battery?

A: Yes, even minor movements trigger power consumption. Keep your remote stable to avoid unintended signals and prolong battery life.


Roku remote battery drainage involves intelligent strategies. Avoid excessive use of voice features and connected headphones, check battery quality regularly, and ensure no buttons are stuck to prevent energy wastage. Stabilize the remote’s position and consider using the Roku mobile app for control convenience. If issues occur, seeking guidance from customer support ensures a tailored solution. Stay proactive and apply these methods to enjoy uninterrupted Roku usage without worrying about rapid battery drain Follow the steps above to check out how the Roku Remote Drains batteries.

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