Complete Guide & Tips on Roku TV Channels and Apps Installation
Complete Guide & Tips on Roku TV Channels and Apps Installation

How to Add and Watch NHL on Roku in 2023


The NHL is like a big sports club where people play ice hockey with sticks and a puck on the ice. There are 32 teams, like 32 groups of players, who try to win a special trophy. 

Imagine you own a Roku TV. Did you know there’s a special app on Roku dedicated to NHL games? If you’re eager to catch the hockey action, you can tune in to TV channels like ESPN+ or Hulu. Alternatively, platforms like FuboTV and Sling TV also offer access to the games. With these options, you have several ways to enjoy thrilling hockey matches on your TV. Follow the steps above to discover how to watch and add NHL on Roku.

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Feature of NHL on Roku:

Here are some of the top features:

1. Pause the game whenever needed, just like taking a break from playing with toys.

2. Watch highlights from classic hockey matches.

3. Experience the excitement of hockey games with cutting-edge technology.

Can you Get NHL on Roku:

Adults can easily access NHL games on their TV through Roku. It’s like having a dedicated spot on the TV for all the NHL action. With Roku, they can enjoy all the thrilling hockey matches hassle-free.

NHL Subscription:

The NHL offers two membership options, like joining a hockey club. You can either pay $14.99 per month or opt for the $64.99 mid-season package.

How to add NHL On Roku:

There are just a few steps to follow, and you can easily Add NHL from the Roku channel store:

  • First, connect your Roku to the TV.
  • Press the home button on the remote to go to the main screen.
  • After that, tap on streaming channels on the side of the screen.


  • Then, search NHL”.


  • So click on the NHL, and there is a button called “add channel.” Click on it.
  • After pressing the OK button.
  • Click on the Sign button; you will get the activate code on your screen after clicking.
  • Go to the activation website of NHL on your favourite web browser.
  • Sign in to your subscription account NHL on Roku.


  • After the sign in to your subscription account, enter the activation code here and hit the continue button.
  • Now, You see NHL on the Roku app will be activated.
  • Your screen will be ready to stream your favourite games live in NHL on Roku.


NHL Fast Channel on Roku:


In December 2022, the NHL introduced a new channel on Roku called the ‘NHL Fast Channel,’ dedicated to exciting hockey games. Simply open your Roku Channel app and navigate to channel number 216 to access this fantastic NHL Fast Channel. Inside, you’ll find a treasure trove of exciting content! From thrilling game highlights to epic All-Star matches featuring the best players, there’s something for every hockey fan. The best part? It’s all available for free!

Alternative Method – How to Screen Mirror NHL on Roku

If you own a Roku TV, you can effortlessly stream the game on your big screen.

Just keep in mind that you’ll need a compatible phone or tablet, such as one with Android or iOS. With that, you can use the screen mirroring feature on your Roku to watch the NHL game from your small screen on the big TV.

Screen Mirror NHL on Roku from Android Devices

  • Go to Google Play Store on your Android phone and install the NHL app.
  • Find the NHL app there and click on it.
  • Make sure your Roku and your phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi.
  • Find a special button on your phone that looks like a Screen Cast option. It’s in a place called the Notification Panel.


  • Tap on it and phone will show a list of things; look for Roku in that list and choose it.
  • Open the NHL app and enter your unique NHL name and password.
  • Now, pick a hockey game you want to watch, and it will magically appear on your big TV.

Screen Mirror NHL on Roku from iOS Devices

  • Go to App Store and install the NHL app.
  • Find the NHL app there and click on it. It’s like getting a new game for your phone.
  • Make sure your phone and Roku are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Now, Swipe your finger from the top of the screen, the Control Center will appear.
  • You’ll see a “Screen Mirroring” icon in the Control Centre.


  • Tap on it, and choose your Roku from the list.
  • Open the NHL app, Log in to your subscription account, and enter your unique NHL name and password. It’s like unlocking a secret treasure chest.

The NHL app will appear on your large TV screen, similar to how your phone games can be displayed on your TV.

How to Watch NHL On Roku without Cable:

Watching NHL games is typically straightforward, but occasionally you might require a special service called ‘cable TV’ to access them. However, you only need cable TV on certain occasions. Specialized services gather all these options into one place, allowing you to watch NHL games without cable TV. It’s incredibly convenient!



ESPN is an excellent TV channel that shows many exciting sports like hockey and basketball and people fighting in a game called UFC. You can watch NHL games on ESPN. So ESPN+ is like a unique key that lets you into the world of ESPN. You can get it for $6.99 monthly. With ESPN+ and your unique key, you can watch all the NHL games you want. And remember, you can also see other fun sports like basketball and UFC.

Fubo TV:


FuboTV is good at showing the NHL Games. So to watch NHL games on this particular TV, first you need to pay $69.99 every month. But here’s something cool: before you decide to purchase a subscription, fubo will give you to try it out for seven days without paying. You can even save your favourite sports games on this TV. FuboTV doesn’t just have sports, but it also has other fun channels and various games to show. 

Sling TV:


Sling TV on your Roku. Including NHL games, You must do two things to watch NHL games on Sling TV. First, pick one of two packages, Sling Orange or Sling Blue, which costs $35 monthly. You can make your special TV even more extraordinary by adding the ‘Sling Sports Extra Add-on. This Add-on is $10 monthly, bringing you, not just NHL games but also other sports channels like NBA TV and MLB Network etc. So, by doing these two things, you can watch NHL games and have lots of sports fun on your special Sling TV.



You can find the NHL games on Hulu + Live TV. But first before watching the NHL on Hulu, you must pay $69.99 monthly. They let you try it out for a whole month for free and with this particular TV, you can watch NHL games and over 75 other TV channels. Plus, they give you a magic box that can save your favourite shows. 

YouTube TV:


YouTube TV also shows the NHL games. but there is a requirement and the requirement is that you first pay $69.99 monthly to purchase the subscription. But here’s something cool thing and the cool thing is that they give you a magical cloud where you can save as many shows as you want. So, with YouTube TV, you can watch all the NHL games.

How to Link TV Provider to NHL:

  • To protect the NHL from using your TV, you need to connect them.
  • Click this link to a unique website called the ‘NHL activation website’.
  • Log in with your NHL account.
  • Choose the company name that gives you your TV provider and tap on the next button.


  • Now, log in with your unique TV company account details.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen. and then finally your TV is connected to the NHL.


Q: NHL watch on Roky?

A: Yes, you can watch NHL on Roku! There’s a unique channel called the ‘NHL FAST channel’ that you can find on The Roku Channel. You just need to go to channel number 216, and you can see all the cool NHL stuff on your TV.

Q: Can you watch the NHL for free on Roku?

A: To watch NHL games on Roku for free, you can try a unique offer called a ‘free trial’ from some streaming services. So, you can use these free trials from specific services to watch NHL games on Roku without spending any money.


Watching NHL games on Roku is a breeze. You can access unique apps, utilize streaming services, or tune in to the NHL FAST channel. Additionally, some services provide free trials. There are plenty of ways to watch NHL on Roku, with or without cable TV. Follow the steps above to learn precisely how to watch NHL on Roku, as well as on other streaming platforms discussed earlier, one by one.

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