Complete Guide & Tips on Roku TV Channels and Apps Installation
Complete Guide & Tips on Roku TV Channels and Apps Installation

How to Watch and Activate Willow TV on Roku


Willow TV on Roku is the go-to app for sports fans, offering live matches, highlights of various sports games such as cricket, and coverage of local events like IPL, PSL, and other international tournaments. Accessing the Willow App on Roku is effortless – simply install it from the Roku Channel Store or log in with your TV provider’s account for access.

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What’s on Willow TV

Willow TV offers a variety of features:

  • Supports Chrome Casting for live streaming.
  • Provides highlights and replays of each match.
  • Offers live commentary and scorecards by expert cricketers.
  • Allows you to create schedules and set reminders for upcoming matches.

Willow TV Subscription

It has two plans:

  • $9.99 monthly Plan.
  • $60 Yearly subscription plan.

Willow TV available providers

On the other side of subscription, many of the TV Providers also offer Willow TV and those TV Providers are:

  • Spectrum.
  • Optimum.
  • fios.
  • Dish.
  • Xfinity.
  • Sling TV.
  • CenturyLink.

How to Get Willow TV on Roku

There are various ways to get Willow TV on Roku But we are here to tell you the issues way to get Willow TV on Roku.

  • Turn on your Roku device and connect it to the internet.
  • Press the home button of the Roku remote and log in with your account details.
  • Click on the option Streaming Channels.


  • Now search for the Channel Willow TV in the search bar.


  • So, Click on the option Add Channel.
  • Then Launch the channel and log in with your account details.
  • Finally, Just watch the match highlight what you want to see and simply enjoy.

How to Activate Willow TV on Roku

Follow the steps below to activate Willow TV on Roku.

  • After launching the Willow Channel on Roku select the option Setting login.
  • So, you will surely get some sort of activation Code.
  • Now, Visit the website page for activation of Willow TV.


  • Enter the code that you get by setting the login.
  • Then, Click on the option Update.
  • After the verification of the Code is done please refresh Finallyreen.


  • Finally, Enjoy streaming

How to fix Willow TV not working on Roku

Follow the steps below to avoid the problems 

  • First, check your Internet Connection.
  • After that, restart Roku if it doesn’t provide an update on Willow, and update Willow if required.
  • And clear the cache of Willow Channel.
  • Lastly, another option is to update your Roku device.

How to Watch Willow on Roku Without a Cable

Nowadays Willow TV has officially streamed on Sling TV and the main thing is that it doesn’t require any kind of Cable TV Provider subscription. By the way, the Willow Channel is no longer available on a subscription plan. Instead, you just need to purchase Willow as an add-on alongside your current subscription.


Bellow, we discussed the subscription plans 

  • Willow Cricket $10 per month
  • Desi Binge Plus $15 Per month
  • Daksin Pack $20 per month


Q: Can I Chromecast Willow TV for live streaming?

A: Yes, Willow TV supports Chromecast for live streaming, allowing users to cast content from their devices to their TVs.

Q: Are there options to set reminders for upcoming matches on Willow TV?

A: Yes, Willow TV provides the feature to set schedules and reminders for upcoming matches, ensuring you don’t miss any of the action.

Q: What are the alternatives if Willow TV is not accessible outside the US?

A: If Willow TV is not easily accessible outside the US due to private issues, users can explore alternatives like screen mirroring or utilizing TV providers such as Sling TV.

Q: Does Willow TV offer any discounts for yearly subscribers?

A: Yes, Willow TV offers a discounted yearly subscription plan priced at $60, providing cost savings compared to the monthly plan.

Q: Is there a specific troubleshooting process for Willow TV on Roku if it fails to update?

A: If Willow TV does not update on Roku, users can try restarting Roku, checking internet connections, clearing the channel cache, and ensuring both Roku and Willow TV are updated.

Q: Can I purchase Willow TV as an add-on without an existing subscription?

A: Yes, Willow TV can be purchased as an add-on without requiring an existing subscription, making it accessible to a broader audience.

Q: Does Willow TV provide on-demand content besides live matches and highlights?

A: Yes, Willow TV offers on-demand content, including replays and highlights of matches, providing flexibility for users to watch at their convenience.

Q: Is there a specific procedure for screen mirroring Willow TV on Roku?

A: Screen mirroring Willow TV on Roku involves accessing the Roku device settings, enabling screen mirroring, and then mirroring content from a compatible device.

Q: Can I access Willow TV on multiple devices with a single account?

A: Yes, once you log in with your Willow TV account on Roku, you can access the content on multiple devices, providing convenience for users with different viewing preferences.

Q: Is there a customer support service for Willow TV if users encounter issues?

A: Yes, Willow TV typically provides customer support services to assist users in resolving any issues they may encounter while accessing or using the app on Roku or other platforms.

Q: Is Willow TV available on Roku?

A: Yes, Willow TV is available on Roku, and you can easily access it by installing the app from the Roku Channel Store or through multiple TV providers.

Q: What content does Willow TV offer?

A: Willow TV provides live matches, and highlights of various sports games such as cricket, and covers local events like IPL, PSL, and international events. It includes features like live streaming, highlights, replays, live commentary, and scorecards.

Q: What subscription plans does Willow TV offer?

A: Willow TV offers two subscription plans: a $9.99 monthly plan and a $60 yearly subscription plan.

Q: Which TV providers offer Willow TV?

A: Willow TV is available through various TV providers, including Spectrum, Optimum, Fios, Dish, Xfinity, Sling TV, and CenturyLink.

Q: How do I get Willow TV on Roku?

A: To get Willow TV on Roku, turn on your Roku device, connect to the internet, go to the Roku Channel Store, search for Willow TV, add the channel, and log in with your account details to start streaming.

Q: How do I activate Willow TV on Roku?

A: After launching Willow TV on Roku, go to settings, find the activation code, visit the activation website, enter the code, click update, and refresh the screen for activation.

Q: What should I do if Willow TV is not working on Roku?

A: To address issues with Willow TV not working on Roku, check your internet connection, restart Roku, update Willow, clear the channel’s cache, and ensure Roku is up to date.

Q: Can I watch Willow TV on Roku without cable?

A: Yes, Willow TV is available on Sling TV as an add-on without requiring a cable TV provider subscription. Different subscription plans are offered, including Willow Cricket for $10 per month, Desi Binge Plus for $15 per month, and Daksin Pack for $20 per month.

Q: Does Willow TV have a free trial?

A: No, Willow TV does not offer a free trial.

Q: Is Willow TV available on Amazon Prime?

A: No, Willow TV is not available on Amazon Prime.


In conclusion, we’ve provided a brief overview of the full procedure for watching and adding Willow TV on Roku. We’ve covered various methods, including directly downloading the Willow App from the Roku Channel Store, using screen mirroring, and accessing it through other TV providers like Sling. Thank you for visiting our site and reading our blog.

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