Complete Guide & Tips on Roku TV Channels and Apps Installation
Complete Guide & Tips on Roku TV Channels and Apps Installation

Top 10 TCL Roku TV Black Screen [Issues & Easy Solutions]

Top 10 TCL Roku TV Black Screen Issues Easy Solutions

Hello! Late-night binge-watchers, I am here to give you an unexpected gift to make your streaming smooth and error-free. TCL Roku TV is marked by its affordable cost in the market. It spreads happiness and fun at minimal rates. However, it may ruin your late-night binge-watching plans with its black screen problem. If you have ever experienced this issue you can understand the frustration one can feel at the moment. But no need to stress anymore because I am here to guide you. In this article, I will be discussing the most possible causes and remedies for this issue on TCL Roku TV Black Screen with Sound.

Let’s have a vivid look at it!

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What is TCL Black Screen?

It is a situation in which your device’s screen turns black and no picture is displayed. In some situations, you might be able to catch some background sounds along with the black screen. However, if the issue is deep and severe the sound could not be audible. It can even occur with your brand-new TCL Roku model. But no need to worry! Because if you are a vigilant person you can solve it at home without any mess.

Potential Causes of TCL Roku TV Black Screen

Before jumping to any other conclusion you must verify that your TV is not promoted for the dim or dark mode settings. In this case, you indeed have to manage the brightness of your devices to get it back to normal. If this is not the case, you can start inspecting for the potential causes of this issue discussed below.

Loose Cable Connections

In most cases, the cables are not fixed properly and ultimately it triggers the black screen issue. All you have to do is to ensure that different cables including power cable, HDMI cable, and other video input wires are firmly inserted. Also, each of them must be in a functional state without any damage or extra load.

Video Input Issues 

In some cases, you have been using several video input sources with your TCL Roku TV to enhance your streaming experience. However, it can cause your TV’s screen to turn black. But you can tackle this issue by ensuring that your device is connected with the right HDMI cableMoreover, while streaming live TV or cable TV you have to select the respective input source from the source panel.

Outdated Firmware

TCL Roku TV keeps on launching software updates to make the streaming smooth by removing bugs, junk files, and other defects. Thus, it is very important to keep a check on the latest update availability.

Hardware Problem

TCL Roku’s black screen is an indication that something unusual is disturbing the hardware. If you are facing the black screen problem frequently it means that there is some issue with the hardware deep inside. It can be the defective backlight, damaged screen panel, faulty motherboard or circuit board, etc. It requires you to consult any skilled or field professional to look into it. Otherwise, you can contact customer support to assist you in this regard.

Quick Solutions For TCL Roku TV Black Screen

The black screen issue can be resolved easily if it is caused by any minor problem. Following are the best possible ways to get it done.

Power Cycle Your TCL Roku TV


You can easily power cycle your device by following the given steps in chronological order.

  • Turn off your TCL Roku TV via remote.
  • You can also do it by tapping and holding the physical power button on your TV device.
  • Now, disconnect the power cable from the power outlet.
  • Give it a rest for 30 seconds and switch back the power cable into the socket.
  • Finally, check if the issue has been resolved.

Check the Cable Connections


Make sure that all the cables connected to your device are inserted firmly. There should be no loose ends or any wire twisted or turned. You can try inserting the cables in different ports to get the issue resolved. If any wire is physically damaged or worn out, prefer replacing it with a new one.

Check The Display Settings and Input Source

In some situations, you may encounter a TCL Roku black screen issue due to disturbed display settings. Check the brightness of your device and set it accordingly. Some other potential causes can be the sleep timer and power-saving features being turned on. It can be resolved by changing these settings to the default option. Furthermore, this issue can occur when you have selected an incorrect input source. If the HDMI cable is connected to port 2 you have to select HDMI port 2 to get the content visible.

Check the Power Source

Make sure that no power supply issue is prevailing in your area. You can check the power socket of your home by connecting various devices to the same socket or connecting your TCL Roku TV to a different power outlet. You will get your answer with the results the respective power socket shows with different devices. Also, make sure that the power cable is in good condition and does not need to be replaced.

Perform a Hard Reset on Your TCL Roku TV

If you are not getting favorable outcomes with the above-mentioned solutions you should try performing a hard reset on your TCL Roku TV. It is only suggested when all the solutions fail. However, it is a notable point that you must copy all the existing data before performing this process. The reason behind this is that it will wipe out all the existing data and revert the settings to the default option.

Here are the steps to do so.

  • Find the physical Reset pinhole marked with Reset on the back or the side of your TCL Roku TV.
  • Using a paper clip or ballpoint press and hold the Reset Button.


  • Hold it until the status light starts blinking.
  • Now, power on your TCL Roku TV and follow the prompts displayed on the screen to complete the process.

Contact Customer Support

If the issue is not resolved with the common remedies discussed in this article you are suggested to contact the customer support of TCL Roku TV. You can access the relevant details by browsing


Q: If overheating can cause the TCL Roku TV’s screen to turn black?

A: Yes, if you have left the TV turned on for long hours it can get overheated. It ultimately affects the functioning of your device adversely including the black screen issue. All you need to do is to give it a rest for 3 to 5 hours to cool down properly.

Q: What if my TCL Roku TV turns black when connected to a HDMI cable?

A: You may witness a black screen when your TCL Roku TV is connected to the HDMI cable. If this is the situation, you should check the physical health of the HDMI cable, clean the cable, look into the HDMI port, and ensure that the HDMI cable is connected firmly.

Q: How to perform a Hard Reset using a Remote?

  • Go to the Settings panel.
  • Click on the System option.
  • Scroll down to the Advanced system.
  • Tap on the Factory Reset option.
  • Give confirmation by selecting the Factory reset everything option.
  • Type the PIN code in the required field and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process.


This article is a comprehensive guide to resolving the TCL Roku TV black screen issue blinking light. You can easily get this issue resolved by identifying the true root cause. The content is written in simple and precise language to serve most people. In case you have any questions beating your head badly you can contact us anytime. Thanks for your Time and Attention!

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