Complete Guide & Tips on Roku TV Channels and Apps Installation
Complete Guide & Tips on Roku TV Channels and Apps Installation

How to View Ring Camera on Roku By Mirroring Smartphones [Complete Guide]


Ring camera on Roku, a distinguished brand synonymous with excellence in smart home security, has earned the confidence of users through a Great problem-solving attitude. While you easily get it if you are a smartphone users, the quest to access its security footage on a Roku TV demands a distinctive strategy.

In this article, we are here to tell you deeply and in very easy terms to get your Ring Camera with your Roku device. This journey will not only enhance your understanding of the integration process but also empower you to be more careful about your health and life.

Follow the steps below to know exactly how to get a Ring Camera on Roku:

Read Roku Developer Mode

Is the Ring App available on Roku?

Locating the Ring app on the Channel Store of Roku proves to be more careful. However, this doesn’t mark the end of the road, as the Ring app finds its abode on both Android and iOS devices. In light of this, the exclusive alternative that remains at your disposal involves the art of screen mirroring. Embrace the option to seamlessly screen mirror the Ring app onto your Roku screen, from either your Android or iOS devices.

Ring App on Roku

Ring’s Video Doorbells and CCTV cameras are designed to offer real-time alerts for home security. Despite this, the Ring app is not directly accessible on the Roku Channel Store. To overcome this limitation, the workaround involves screen mirroring the app from your smartphone to the Roku TV.

How to Purchase Smart Home Automation Products from Ring

In light of the escalating significance of smart home automation, Ring distinguishes itself with an array of exceptional products. To procure these cutting-edge devices, the official Ring website emerges as your ultimate destination. Explore a diverse range of smart home solutions here, and make your purchases to elevate the security standards of your home.

How to View a Ring Camera on Roku

While native support for Ring on Roku isn’t available, there’s a workaround to enjoy its content through screen mirroring. Roku extends its capabilities with screen mirroring and AirPlay, providing a nice pathway to mirror content from your smartphone or PC.

Set Up Ring on Smartphones

The Ring app is readily available for both Android and iOS devices, accessible through the Google Play Store or the App Store. Once you’ve installed the app, the next crucial step is configuring the device you’ve purchased. Follow these steps meticulously to set up your Ring home security products.

  • First, Launch the App Ring on Your Android or iOS 
  • Then Please Sign in by using your account details
  • After that, Tap on the icon named Hamburg from the corner of the left


  • So after that another option named Set Up Device 


  • Finally, Choose your favorite product that you need to connect with and please finish the setup by following the on-screen prompts


 Screen Mirror Ring on Roku from Android

Before proceeding, ensure both your Roku and Android devices are on the same WiFi network. Follow these steps:

  • Open the Ring app on Android.
  • Access the Notification Panel and select “Cast.”


  • Choose your Roku device.
  • Launch the Ring app, select a product, and watch on your Roku TV.

Screen Mirror Ring on Roku from iOS

Ensure AirPlay is enabled on Roku. Follow these steps:

  • Connect iPhone/iPad and Roku to the same WiFi.
  • Launch the Ring app on iPhone/iPad.
  • Access Control Center, tap “Screen Mirroring.”


  • Choose your Roku device from multiple devices 
  • Launch the Ring app, select a product, and view on Roku TV whatever you want to be related to the Ring camera


By mirroring the Ring app on Roku, you can conveniently watch live feeds and security footage on your TV.


Q: Does Roku have a Ring app?

A: No, the Ring app is not available for Roku devices. Screen mirroring from your smartphone is the alternative.

Q: How to watch Ring Camera on Roku?

A: To watch Ring Camera videos on Roku, screen mirroring from your Android or iOS device is the recommended method.

Q: Can I purchase Ring products from Roku?

A: No, Ring products are exclusively available for purchase on the official Ring website.

Q: Are there other ways to connect a Ring to a TV?

A: Besides Roku, you can use other casting devices or smart TVs that support screen mirroring or AirPlay.

Q: Is there a delay when screen mirroring Ring on Roku?

A: The delay depends on your WiFi network and device capabilities. A robust connection reduces any potential delays.


In conclusion, the article relates to explaining you briefly how to get a Ring camera on Roku by screen mirroring via iOS or Android Procuring a Ring home security camera and adhering to the provided steps, allows you to delight in the ease of accessing live feeds directly on your Roku TV. So share this information with the people you care about.

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