Complete Guide & Tips on Roku TV Channels and Apps Installation
Complete Guide & Tips on Roku TV Channels and Apps Installation

How to watch Astros on Roku TV in 2023


If you’re a Houston Astros fan eager to watch their games on Roku, follow these steps to access Astros on Roku. It is a famous MLB team based in Houston and a member of the American League since 2013

For Roku users, several options are available to see the Astros’ games. The detailed steps for accessing the games on Roku are discussed below. Major League Baseball (MLB) is a globally significant sports league, and the Astros, having won their first World Series in 2017, are a beloved team in professional baseball. Now, fans can easily stay updated on their favorite team’s matches by watching Houston Astros games on Roku.

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How to Watch Astros on Roku

MLB TV stands out as a pivotal streaming service for MLB enthusiasts, offering comprehensive coverage of baseball matches. Astros fans can catch their favourite team’s games on MLB TV. The exclusive Single Team subscription for the Houston Astros is $109.99, while the annual subscription costs $129.99. 

This ensures fans have access to a full season of exciting baseball action.

There are a few steps to follow to watch Astros on Roku:

  • First, Launch the home screen by pressing the home button on the Roku remote.
  • After that, Select the option streaming channels.


  • Then, Select the search channel option on the following menus.


  • So, You will appear at a screen where you can search for the MLB TV app.


  • Now, Select the MLB TV app and tap on the Add Channel button.


  • Finally, the MLB TV app will be added to your Roku device. 
  • Then, GO TO the Channel option and open the MLB TV app.
  • After that, Sign with the subscription details. 
  • Now, watch and Enjoy Streaming.


How to Add and Access FuboTV on Roku

FuboTV offers a unique selection of sports channels, making it the most accessible streaming service for sports lovers. It provides access to various sports events, including matches featuring the Houston Astros. To watch Astros games on your TV through FuboTV, you can subscribe to their Pro plan, which costs $64.99 monthly. This subscription comes with a complimentary seven-day trial and grants access to 113 live TV channels.

In addition to Astros games, subscribers can enjoy other sports channels such as ESPN, NBCSN, FS1, and Bravo. This expands the viewing options beyond baseball, enabling sports fans to enjoy a wide range of athletic events.

To get started, add and activate FuboTV on your Roku device. With this subscription, you can easily switch between thrilling Astros matches, baseball matches, or other sports events.

Alternative Method – Watch Houston Astros Games on Roku

With the various streaming services you can enjoy watching the matches with the various streaming services.

Sling TV


Sling TV is a budget-friendly streaming option, offering engaging channels, including access to Houston Astros matches. Their subscription packages prefer to different preferences. The Sling Orange package, priced at $35 per month, provides 30 channels. Alternatively, the Sling Blue package offers 45 channels at the same rate. For a comprehensive experience, the Sling Orange+Blue package, costing $50 monthly, includes 50 tracks. This variety ensures Astros fans enjoy their games affordably while exploring additional entertainment options. 


FuboTV is a premier streaming choice, particularly for sports lovers and avid MLB fans, offering extensive coverage of Houston Astros matches. Their diverse subscription options cater to varying preferences. The Fubo Starter Pack, priced at $65 per month, boasts over 100 channels, ensuring a wide array of entertainment beyond baseball. The Fubo Pro Pack, also featuring 100+ channels but at $70 monthly, offers additional flexibility. For a more comprehensive experience, the Fubo Elite Pack, with over 150 channels at $80 per month, provides an extensive entertainment library, making it an ideal choice for sports fans seeking versatile content. With FuboTV, Astros fans can enjoy their favourite team’s games while exploring various entertainment options.



MLB TV is the First choice for devoted Houston Astros lovers, offering exclusive access to the team’s regular season matches on television. This streaming service provides fans with two subscription options. The All Teams subscription, priced at $64.99, grants access to every out-of-market game, ensuring a comprehensive baseball experience. Alternatively, the Single Teams subscription, available at $54.99, allows fans to follow the Astros throughout the season exclusively. These plans connect fans to their favourite team and enhance the overall MLB viewing experience, making it an option for Astros supporters keen on staying updated with every game.

DirecTV Stream


DirecTV Stream is a versatile alternative for streaming MLB games, including those of the Houston Astros, straight to your TV. What it offers ensures access to the platform. One standout feature is the unlimited Cloud DVR Storage, enabling fans to record and rewatch their favourite MLB matches, capturing every thrilling moment, especially with the Astros in action. Additionally, DirecTV Stream provides flexibility with four distinct subscription plans. This variety allows users to choose a program tailored to their preferences, making it convenient and customizable for enjoying baseball games and keeping up with the Astros’ performances.


Q: Can I watch Astros games on Roku for free?

A: No, watching Astros games on Roku typically requires a subscription to a streaming service like MLB TV, FuboTV, or DirecTV Stream. These services offer specific packages for accessing baseball matches, including those of the Houston Astros.

Q: Are there regional restrictions for streaming Astros games on Roku?

A: Yes, regional restrictions may apply. Specific streaming platforms have blackout restrictions based on your location. To ensure access to Astros games, you must check the availability and regional limitations specific to the streaming service you choose on your Roku device.

Q: Can I record Astros games on Roku to watch later?

A: Yes, some streaming platforms on Roku, like DirecTV Stream, offer Cloud DVR Storage, allowing you to record Astros games and watch them at your convenience. However, the availability of this feature depends on the streaming service’s subscription plan.

Q: Is a trial period available for streaming Astros games on Roku?

A: Yes, many streaming services, including MLB TV and FuboTV, offer free trial periods. Before committing to a subscription, you can explore their offerings, including Astros games. Check the specific trial duration and terms of service when signing up for the trial period.


Roku provides a gateway to exciting Astros baseball action through various streaming services like MLB TV, FuboTV, and DirecTV Stream. Fans can enjoy the thrill of every match, customize their viewing experience, and even record games for later enjoyment. With its multiple options and features, Roku ensures Astros lovers have the chance to catch every inning, making it a convenient and customizable platform for following your favorite team.

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