Complete Guide & Tips on Roku TV Channels and Apps Installation
Complete Guide & Tips on Roku TV Channels and Apps Installation

Top 10 Best Roku Screensaver You Need to Try


Roku devices have transformed how we watch television by directly streaming sports shows to our Smart TVs, eliminating the need for cable connections. Recognizing the importance of customizing your Roku is crucial, especially since the default screensaver, displaying a simple logo, may not capture our attention when left idle.

Roku provides users with the option to enhance their screensavers. By exploring the Roku Channel Store, users can access various screensaver apps with different themes. These apps not only add vibrant colours and an attractive interface to the screen but also allow users to personalize their viewing experience. With the ability to edit screensavers anytime and anywhere. So follow the steps below to see the Top 10 Best Roku Screensaver

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Best Roku Screensavers (Features)

Roku offers a diverse range of screensavers that can be accessed through Settings > Screensaver and the Roku Channel Store. There are numerous categories to choose from.

Including Nature, Fantasy, Aqua Themed, Relaxation, Clock based, Gaming and Sports, Festivities and Celebrations, Horror, Cars, 4K Screensavers, Cities, Space, Lights, Plain, and Pets and Animals.

These screensavers allow you to personalize your Roku experience, turning your screens into vibrant displays of your choosing.

Under 15 Categories of the Best Roku Screensaver

1: Nature


It offers nature-themed screensavers. These channels showcase serene snowy vistas, lush forests, and other beautiful scenery. you can feel yourself in the wonders of nature, transforming their screens into captivating visual experiences.

Beauty wild nature


This particular channel stands out, offering an extensive collection of stunning landscapes. Encompassing lakes, mountains, cascading waterfalls, meandering rivers, and lush green meadows, the screensavers transport viewers into nature’s beauty.

Nature live


Nature Live provides a diverse range of captivating natural landscapes, from tropical waterfalls to snow-capped mountains. 

2: Fantasy


This Screensaver on Roku can be the extraordinary world of aliens. This collection borders action-packed photography, magical fantasies, and a myriad of other imaginative wonders.

Magic Fantasy


Magic Fantasy screensaver offers a mesmerizing blend of dreamlike TV scenarios, complete with weather and clock widgets.

3: Aqua-themed screensaver


In aqua-themed screensaver, you can feel water bodies and underwater worlds with these captivating aqua-themed screensavers. It transforms your screen into a captivating aquatic realm.

Aquatic life


You can feel yourself in the peaceful waters as exotic fish and other creatures gracefully swim across high-definition windows.

Underwater channel


This Roku channel showcases exquisite underwater landscapes, featuring beautiful fish and vibrant coral reefs. 

4: Relaxation


In moments of stress, finding relaxation is important. These screensavers offer a serene pause, creating a calming atmosphere on your Roku-connected TV before you dive into streaming. Transforming your screen into peaceful visuals.

Relaxing Rain


Relaxing Rain, a standout Roku screensaver, captures the loving essence of rainfall, known for its calming effect. This screensaver immerses you in the soothing sounds of raindrops in diverse environments.



Relaxtify stands out as a screensaver channel offering multiple relaxing sounds and visuals. With a focus on meditation, sleep, concentration, study, yoga, massage, and spa experiences.

5: Clock Based Screensaver


Explore a range of clock-based screensavers customized for time lovers. For those who value keeping track of time and dates, these screensavers offer precise and stylish options. Designed to meet the needs of time-conscious viewers, these choices provide both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Digital Clock


Digital Clock is a dedicated screensaver channel best for Roku-connected TV screens. This classic digital clock displays both the current time and date, ensuring users stay informed while enjoying their viewing experience. The channel offers customization options, allowing users to switch between the 24-hour and 12-hour time formats according to their preferences.

6: Gaming and Sport


For gaming and sports lovers, the Roku Channel Store offers a variety of screensavers best to your interests. Whether you’re a fan of games or sports, these screensavers cater to your passion. Featuring captivating sports wallpapers and gaming visuals, these options provide a personalized touch to your Roku device. 

Baseball Game HD Screensaver


Baseball Game HD Screensavers is a specialized channel for baseball lovers. This channel presents a collection of high-definition baseball-related images, including scenes from baseball auditoriums, players in action, matches, and enthusiastic audiences.

7: Festivities & Celebrations


Enhance your Roku experience by exploring a vibrant collection of screensavers themed around different seasons. These festive screensavers infuse your Roku device with holiday spirit and seasonal charm, elevating your celebration experience.

Easter Bunnies


Easter Bunnies is a charming screensaver channel dedicated to this festive occasion. Immerse yourself in the joy of Easter with a delightful array of visuals featuring adorable Easter bunnies. These cute images are carefully curated to enhance your Easter celebration experience.

8: Horror

Roku presents a chilling collection of terrifying visuals, featuring haunted dolls, abandoned places, skulls, and more. Each image is complemented by clock and weather widgets, enhancing the eerie atmosphere while keeping you informed. 

9: Cars


From expensive modern models to classic old cars, the Roku Channel Store offers a wide selection catering to automotive lovers. Immerse yourself in the world of automobiles and transform your Roku screen into a showcase of automotive elegance and history.

10: 4K Screensavers


Discover dedicated channels on Roku that provide an exquisite selection of screensavers in stunning 4K quality. These channels offer visuals that transform your screen, infusing it with an air of luxury and sophistication. Experience the highest level of visual fidelity and elevate your viewing experience with these premium 4K screensavers, curated to meet the most discerning standards.

Other Options for Best Roku Screensavers

  • Neon Party Games Screensaver
  • Quotes from Shakespeare
  • Relaxing Rain
  • Chill Tube
  • Sakura
  • Countdown to the Magic
  • Amazing Views
  • Unicorn HD
  • All in One Screen Save Preferences.

How to create your screensaver on Roku

Here, we’ll guide you through the best and easiest method to create the perfect screensaver on Roku. Stay with us and follow the steps below.

  • Firstly, Connect your Roku device and Your smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • After that, You can download and open the Roku mobile App.
  • Then, Select the media button on the home screen.


  • So, choose the option screensaver.
  • Now, choose the best image for you by clicking on Get Started button.
  • Finally, You just customize the screensaver time, etc by clicking on the Set screensaver option.


Q: How can I personalize my Roku screensaver?

Roku allows users to customize screensavers by accessing Settings > Screensaver. Various themes, including nature and fantasy, can be chosen from the Roku Channel Store, enabling users to create a personalized visual experience.

Q: Are high-quality 4K screensavers available on Roku?

Yes, Roku offers dedicated channels with 4K screensavers, enhancing visual quality and elevating the viewing experience. Users can enjoy stunning, high-resolution displays on their screens.

Q: Can I customize widgets on Roku screensavers?

Certainly! Many Roku screensavers come with customizable clocks and weather widgets. Users can modify the format, style, and placement of these widgets, tailoring their screensaver to individual preferences.

Q: Are there specialized screensavers for occasions and interests?

Roku provides screensavers tailored for specific occasions like Christmas and Easter, as well as themes for gamers, sports enthusiasts, and animal lovers. Users can explore diverse options to match their interests and preferences.


Roku elevates your viewing experience by offering a diverse array of screensavers through its Channel Store. From nature scenes and fantasy worlds to relaxing raindrops and thrilling sports visuals, these screensavers transform your idle screen into a captivating canvas. With options ranging from 4K quality.  

Roku ensures your entertainment begins even before you hit play, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your Smart TV and personalizing your streaming journey with us. Please share this important information about the best Roku Screensavers with the people you care about.

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