Complete Guide & Tips on Roku TV Channels and Apps Installation
Complete Guide & Tips on Roku TV Channels and Apps Installation

How to Install and Watch [Formula 1] F1 TV on Roku With and Without Cable

How to Install and Watch Formula 1 F1 TV on Roku With and Without Cable

F1 TV on Roku is for Racing Lover, If you are a racing lover then the F1 season is for you. The F1 racing is hosted in various countries and the final race of F1 of this season is in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is mainly happening from 24 November to 26 November at the Yas Marina Circuit. The F1 racing happening with the 20 Drivers and the 10 Racing teams.

So in this article, we tell you about the various ways to get access and watch F1 TV on Roku. You can directly download it from the Roku channel store and you can use other ways to get F1. So follow the steps in this article to learn about various ways to get F1 on Roku.

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Subscription Cost

F1 mainly offers two types of subscription plans for their users so the subs subscription plans are below:

  • F1 TV Pro: $3.99 per month and t29.99 per year.
  • F1 TV Access: $2.99 per month and 99 per year.

What’s on F1 TVs? Features

There are various features that the F1 offers to customers offer categories to watch content You also watch F1 racing Live, on-demand  Content :

  • The content of the F1 is available on the 4k quality.
  • You can use or stream F1 on Six devices at once and can also have access to watch 2000-plus hours of racing.
  • it also offers Pre-race and tech talk shows.

How to Sign up for the F1 TV on Roku

Follow the  steps below to learn how to sign up for F1 TV :

  • First, Go to the Website of F1 by using your PC, Android, or iOS.
  • Then, Click on the Option Subscribe there.


  • After that, choose the plan that you need and press the option Subscribe Now.


  • So, On the Next Page please provide your information to log in.
  • Now put the Payment methods, please.
  • After Entering the Card details please click on the Option Complete Order.
  • Finally, After verification of your payment, your F1 account is created.

How to Get and Install F1 TV on Roku 

There are various ways to get and install F1 on Roku so follow the steps below to learn how to get F1 on Roku with some of the easy steps:

  • First, Launch the Roku device and press the Home button.
  • After that, You will come to the Home page of the Roku device.
  • Then please click on the option Streaming Channels there.


  • So, You will come to another screen where you please click on another option named “search channels”.


  • Then Search for the F1 channel there.
  • Please after the results occur press the OK button.
  • Then click on the option Add Channel to add it to Roku.
  • So, Please sign in by using your account details.
  • Finally, Enjoy the content of the F1.

How to Add F1 TV on Roku From website 

Follow the steps below to Add F1 TV from the Roku website :

  • First, Go to the website of the Roku by using your PC, Android, or iOS.
  • Then Go to the page of the Roku channel store.
  • Please sign in by using your account details.
  • After that, Please put the Word F1 TV in the search box there.
  • After the search results occur please select the F1 and click on the Add Channel.


  • Finally, F1 is added to your Roku device.
  • Sign in by using your account details and enjoy streaming.

Alternative ways to watch F1 TV on Roku

Other streaming services offer the F1 so if you are not directly purchasing the F1 subscription there is no need to worry about anything else because you have some other ways also to access the F1 on Roku below we discuss with you some of the other serving services that offer F1 so if you already purchased the subscription of that streaming service so you never need to purchase again the SUbscription of the F1.

Sling TV


Sling TV on Roku is a streaming service that offers a lot of channels and on-demand content and add-ons you can stream on 3 devices at once and it offers 3 plans so before categorizing the plans we are here to tell you about its streams F1.

Sling TV presents three subscription options: Sling Orange, Sling Blue, and the combined Sling Orange & Blue package. The comprehensive Sling Orange & Blue plan, priced at $35 for the initial month and $60 for subsequent months, encompasses access to ABC, ESPN, and ESPN 2.

Youtube TV


YouTube TV on Roku is one the upper-handed streaming services that offers a lot of channels and content so if you subscribe to it you will be able to see the F1 by YouTube TV on Roku but there are subscription plans.

This comprehensive platform includes key F1 telecasting channels like ESPN, ESPN 2, and ABC within its Base Plan. Priced at $72.99 per month, subscribers gain access to an array of channels, making it a compelling option for F1 lovers.



DirecTV is a streaming service that offers a lot of channels and almost 65000 on-demand content or unlimited Cloud DVR storage so if you have already purchased the SUbscription to DirecTV then it is a piece of good news for you that you can watch F1 on it automatically, For those keen on securing ESPN and ESPN 2, DirecTV Stream’s base plan, Entertainment, emerges as an attractive choice. Priced at $74.99 per month plus tax.



FuboTV is a top-notch streaming service that stands out for providing access to the ESPN channel, making it an ideal platform for streaming thrilling F1 TV racing events. With a user-friendly interface, fuboTV offers a diverse selection of over 240 TV channels and on-demand content. Roku users can easily download the FuboTV app from the channel store.

The subscription comes with impressive features, including a substantial 1,000 hours of Cloud DVR storage, allowing users to record F1 TV content for offline viewing convenience. To enjoy F1 TV streaming at a budget-friendly price, the fuboTV Pro plan is available for $74.99 per month. This makes it an affordable and compelling choice for F1 enthusiasts seeking a high-quality streaming experience.


Below is the comprehensive race schedule for the F1 2023 season, featuring the respective countries and winners of each event:

  1.   03-03-23 to 05-03-23: Bahrain
  • Winner Max Verstappen
  1.   17-03-23 to 19-03-23: Saudi Arabia
  • Winner: Sergio Perez
  1.   31-03-23 to 02-04-23: Australia
  • Winner: Max Verstappen
  1.   28-04-23 to 30-04-23: Azerbaijan
  •   Winner: Sergio Perez
  1.     05-04-23 to 07-04-23: USA
  • Winner: Max Verstappen
  1.   19-05-23 to 21-05-23: Italy (Postponed)
  2.   26-05-23 to 28-05-23: Monaco
  • Winner: Max Verstappen
  1.   02-06-23 to 04-06-23: Spain
  • Winner: Max Verstappen
  1.     16-06-23 to 18-06-23: Canad
  • Winner: Max Verstappen
  1.     30-06-23 to 02-07-23: Austria
  •  Winner: Max Verstappen
  1.   07-07-23 to 09-07-23: Great Britain
  •     Winner: Max Verstappen
  1.     21-07-23 to 23-07-23: Hungary
  •     Winner: Max Verstappen
  1.     28-07-23 to 30-07-23: Belgium
  •     Winner: Max Verstappen
  1.     25-08-23 to 27-08-23: Netherlands
  •      Winner: Max Verstappen
  1.     01-09-23 to 03-09-23: Italy
  •      Winner: Max Verstappen
  1.     15-09-23 to 17-09-23: Singapore
  •      Winner: Carlos Sainz Jr.
  1.     22-09-23 to 24-09-23: Japan
  •      Winner: Max Verstappen
  1.     06-10-23 to 08-10-23: Qatar
  •      Winner: Max Verstappen
  1.       20-10-23 to 22-10-23: USA
  •      Winner: Max Verstappen
  1.       28-10-23 to 30-10-23: Mexico
  •      Winner: Max Verstappen
  1.     03-11-23 to 05-11-23: Brazil
  •      Winner: Max Verstappen
  1.       16-10-23 to 18-11-23: Las Vegas (To Be Updated)
  2.       24-11-23 to 26-11-23: Abu Dhabi (To Be Updated)

How to Fix F1 TV not working on Roku

Fighting off some sort of issues by To address challenges such as app crashes, black screens, or loading problems with the F1 TV app on your Roku, follow these steps to troubleshoot problems:

  •  Ensure a stable internet connection on your Roku device.
  •  Temporarily close and reopen the app.
  •  Clear cache files on Roku and retry.
  •  Resolve lagging by rebooting the Roku device.
  •  Sign out and log back in; reactivate if necessary.
  •  Update the Roku device for compatibility (especially for older versions).
  •  Delete and reinstall the app on Roku to eliminate stored cache files.
  •  For persistent issues, seek immediate assistance from customer support.


In conclusion, we tell you how to add and install F1 TV on Roku, So Roku users can easily stream the thrilling 2023 F1 season, happening in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. With step-by-step instructions, subscription details, and troubleshooting tips, this resource gives you a great viewing experience, So read the article above to learn how to add F1 TV on Roku for F1 lovers on the Roku platform. So please share this information with the people you care about.


Q: Is F1 TV available on Roku?

A: Yes it is available on Roku with easy ways to get access to it 

Q: How to Watch F1 for free?

A: By subscribing to the free trial account you can easily watch for free of F1 or by using other streaming services you will also access F1 for free

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